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April 2021 Sex Horoscope

April 2021 Sex Horoscope

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Get ready for your sex horoscope and power position for April 2021!

 aries april 2021 sex horoscope


Aries, one of your strongest qualities is your inherent ability as a leader. You are someone who always takes the lead and enjoys doing so. However, April is the perfect month for you to switch up your sexual dynamic and try something new. Challenge yourself to take a backseat in the bedroom. Have your partner take the lead instead. This might feel strange at first, but once you’re able to let go, you will really enjoy yourself. Make sure to explicitly express these desires to your partner. It’s important to communicate well here.

Power Position: The Dom-ish

This position will really force you to work on your communication skills in the bedroom. It’s also a great introductory position to take control in the bedroom and domination. Direct the action here and tell your partner what to do. Say things like “touch me here”, “touch me there”, or “kiss me harder”. Really it’s whatever you are really looking for in sex. For a twist, switch your usual roles with your partner. 

 Taurus april 2021 sex horoscope


As March wraps up, Taurus, you will notice that you are in quite a sexual rut or even a dry spell. While you have tried to shake things up somewhat, you really need to think outside of the box to heat things up. In April try to add plenty of variety to your bedroom activities. Try a new sex position every time you’re intimate, or try having sex every day during the month of April. It will definitely take some extra work on your part to make sure this lasts, but it will be more than worth the effort. 

Power Position: Reverse Cowgirl

This classic sex position is perfect for getting the most out of one-night-stands. Face your partner’s feet and lower yourself down onto their penis, dildo, or strap-on. Go as slowly or as quickly as is comfortable for both you and your partner. This position only works if both of you are comfortable with each motion and speed. If you’re going at a fast pace, feel free to brace yourself with your hands to keep the pleasure going all night long. This position gives all of the power of doggy style, but still provides you with enough control to influence how the sexual encounter goes.

Gemini april 2021 sex horoscope 


Gemini - you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This means that you’re someone who loves to talk and appreciates the power of a quality conversation. In particular, you are somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to dirty talk. April is an ideal time for you to really put your skills to the test. Utilize dirty talk as much as possible. Make sure to say exactly what you want your partner to do and what you are going to do in return. This will make for some extra spicy encounters.

Power Position: The Kinky Jockey

This position is just as fun as it sounds. Have your partner kneel on all fours. From there, straddle their hips and begin to pull their hair and rub their clit from behind. Feel free to use as much pressure on either the hair pulling or clit stimulation as you see fit. Make your partner come close, but don’t let them completely finish until you’ve given them permission. To increase your own pleasure, gyrate your clitoris against their tailbone.

 Cancer april 2021 sex horoscope


In the past couple of months, Cancer, your creativity has been in somewhat of a slump. Set aside some time to specifically focus on your creative needs and ideas. You do your best work in the bedroom when you’re able to express yourself in a creative and passionate way. Work with your partner to come up with some creative sex positions and toys to use in the bedroom. It may be something you least expect, but embrace the pleasure that comes along with it.

Power Position: Double Trouble

This position is completely your design. It will emphasize the usage of multiple sex toys in the bedroom. Both you and your partner will be able to control the speed and intensity of these toys. Have your partner lay down in a position where she can use a clit suctioning vibrator. As your partner becomes increasingly turned on use an internal vibrator or a dildo inside of her vagina. If you’re feeling particularly naughty, go ahead and tease her until she’s finally begging.

 Leo april 2021 sex horoscope


You are one of those people who just exudes sex, Leo. Thankfully, you are also someone who really enjoys sex as well. Use this love and passion for sex to your (and your partner’s) advantage. Don’t hold anything back. Use every tool in your sex toolbox. You will have the best time with intense encounters in the bedroom - the more passionate and exciting, the better. Your partner will be eternally thankful for your enthusiasm. You truly are going to have an extra hot April. 

Power Position: The Ravished

Capitalize on the boldness of this position to fully empower yourself. Have your partner lay down on the bed spread eagle and attach each arm and leg to a corner of the mattress. Use handcuffs, an under the bed restraint system, or any sort of rope like object you have on hand. Once your partner is tied up, use your oral skills to give them enough pleasure that they can’t wait to reciprocate.

 Virgo april 2021 sex horoscope


Virgo - your romantic and sexual endeavors have been frustrating as of late. Whether you have a partner or not, your sex life needs some major upgrades. You haven’t been particularly happy with it in a long time, but April is the perfect time to change. You are a very logical person. So, the logical solution to this problem is to utilize the benefits of sex toys. There are so many sex toys out there; you are sure to find something that is perfect for you. Even if it takes a moment to find the perfect one that fits your needs, your pleasure in the bedroom will only skyrocket from here. 

Power Position: The Slide Dish

Explore a masturbation style outside of the traditional focus on the clitoris, by having an entire session focused on anal stimulation. While laying down on your bed, use lube and slide your fingers around and on your clitoris. Continue stimulating yourself just until you’re on the brink of orgasm and then add in a butt plug for additional stimulation.

 Libra april 2021 sex horoscope


In April you will be successful in your sexual endeavors, Libra, if you focus on the sensual and intimate aspects of the bedroom. It’s easy to only focus on the rawer part of sex, but you will have a better experience by embracing the intimacy that it can provide. Make sure that you are slowing down and living in the moment. Sprinkle in extra eye contact and slower rhythms for a successful April sex life. Your partner(s) will really appreciate this extra attention. It never hurts to make your partner feel special. 

Power Position: The Rocker

Capitalize on your increased feelings of intimacy by engaging in this eye-contact heavy position. Both you and your partner should lie on your sides facing each other. Wrap your upper leg over your partner’s hips and begin rocking them back and forth. This position allows for a lot of control and is perfect for both mutual masturbation and penetrative sex.

 Scorpio april 2021 sex horoscope


The planetary alignment of April is going to really bring out your rebellious side, Scorpio. No part of you is going to want to play by the rules. Naturally, this extends to the bedroom. While you will want to push the boundaries of sexual experimentation it is important and necessary for you to remember the needs of your partner. Being a rebel is wonderful as long as both parties are enthusiastically consenting. You may find yourself exploring the world of BDSM. Even if you want to dive in head first, make sure that your partner is just as excited as you are.

Power Position: Pass the Velvet Rope

This is a really fun position to begin to familiarize yourself with the wonders that bondage can provide. Whether you are the one tied up or the one teasing them, it will be an experience that you’ll be thinking about for years to come. Place yourself in a standing position with your arms over your head, bound by restraints that will fit over a door. If you’re not feeling that adventurous quite yet, the restraints can also be tied to the door knob. Your partner can then tease you from all sorts of angles - whether it’s face-on or from behind. Pro-tip: intense oral sex from behind would create truly earth-shattering pleasure for both parties.

 Sagittarius april 2021 sex horoscope


As the weather begins to warm up and flowers begin to blossom, you, Sagittarius, are going to have the urge to spend as much time in nature as humanly possible. However, you will also want to be intimate with your partner or whoever you are seeing at the time as much as possible. The best way to compromise is to take some of your bedroom activities outside. When it is (relatively) appropriate and safe to do so, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty in nature. The extent of this can be flexible depending on everyone’s comfortability levels. At the very least some nature-inspired dirty talk could go a long way. 

Power Position: The Snake

This position is amazing for those days when you want sex but without overexerting yourself. It’s a relaxing position, but the pressure against your pelvic bone feels amazing with minimal amounts of work. Lie on your stomach with your face resting on a pillow and have your partner slide in from behind. Whether your partner is using a dildo, a strap on, or their penis, the sensation will feel so good, and they are in total control of the speed and rhythm of every movement. All you have to do is lay back and relax.

 Capricorn april 2021 sex horoscope


Capricorn, you are going to have enough patience throughout the month of April that almost nothing is going to frustrate you. You are a naturally patient person, but this month’s planetary alignment is going to enhance this natural trait. Take full advantage of your increase in patience by using it in the bedroom. Have your partner tease you. Make every single action in the bedroom slow and drawn out. Only when you are at your breaking point should your partner finally crack and give you everything that you have been begging for. 

Power Position: Remote Control Lover

This position is essentially telling your partner exactly what you want them to do to you, how you want them to do it, and when you want them to do it. You are the one in charge in this position, and in every action, you remain in dominance. This is a good way to introduce yourself and your partner to light BDSM. Command your partner’s every move. Tell them to bend over for some light spanking. Have them masturbate while you watch and tease them. Order them to give you oral. The sky's the limit here - it’s whatever you like as long as you have a consenting partner. Consent is the true key to this position.

 Aquarius april 2021 sex horoscope


You can be known as the occasional oddball, Aquarius. You have a reputation for being willing to try out anything at least once. Extend this attitude into your sex life. Throughout the month of April, have sex in every room in the house besides the bedroom. However, if you have roommates or children, you have been warned to take extra precaution when testing out different spots. It will take a lot of meticulous forethought and planning to accomplish this, but that’s half the fun. Planning the time and location of your sexual encounters will get everyone hot and bothered before you’re able to finally act on them. 

Power Position: The Counter Service

This position is all about making “quickie” sex as hot and as simple as possible. Not every time you have sex has to be a long, drawn out process, and short sessions have the possibility to be just as hot. This position is just three easy steps: proceed to the nearest counter or table, pull down your pants or lift up your skirt, and then bend your partner over. You can use any of your favorite toys here or you can go for some oral from behind. It’ll be hot regardless of what sex act you decide to take!

 Pisces april 2021 sex horoscope


Pisces, one of your more hidden qualities is your deep sense of spirituality. April will be a good opportunity for you to extend your spirituality into your sex life. If this is something that you have been doing already, take time to really emphasize this in the bedroom. Incorporate your choice of tantric sex, full moon baths, candles, and deep orgasmic breathing exercises. It may take you some time to try different things out and find what really works for you, but the combination of your sex life and your spirituality will bring you a new sense of fulfillment. 

Power Position: The Tandem Bike

This position is all about achieving simultaneous orgasm with your partner. Simultaneous orgasms are achieved through proper communication and everyone receiving pleasure. The best position for this is to have the partner that takes a longer time to obtain orgasm on top, so if any additional attention is needed, both parties will be able to focus on them. Make sure to tell each other when you’re getting close so you can adjust the speed of your toys - whether it’s going to full power or easing off a bit so that when they finally do achieve orgasm, it’ll be mind-blowing.

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