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August Sex Horoscopes

August Sex Horoscopes

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Want to know what lies ahead in bed for the month of August? Find your sign for your August sex horoscope below...

Aries sex horoscope


You’ve spent the past month working your ass off, Aries. Both at work and in your personal life, you have been stretching yourself pretty thin. Entering into August, things will finally begin to slow down for you - so now is a great time to fully relax. One of the most relaxing things that you can do for yourself is explore your body and find new ways to pleasure it. Go ahead and make time for yourself in ways that you haven’t been able to previously. Treat yourself to an entire night dedicated to you and your body - grab a glass of wine, draw a bubble bath, and break out that waterproof vibrator you just don’t use often enough.

Power Position: The Bath Bomb

This is a great introductory position to sex with water. If you’re not lucky enough to have a detachable shower head, skooch your butt to your bathtub’s faucet. Position your body so your vagina is directly under the water stream - feel free to adjust the water pressure to match your pleasure level. 

Taurus sex horoscope


Going into August, you’re going to be in an amazing mood, Taurus! Maybe it’s the beautiful summer weather or just the great company you’ve been keeping lately, but everything seems better than it has been in months. Take advantage of your good mood, and try something (or even someone) new this month. It’s a good time to do something bold and wild, especially in bed. Try sending a nude photo to your significant other or going out on a limb and making the first move. Whatever your wildest sexual instincts are, this is a good time to finally indulge in them. 

Power Position: The All Hands Position

Start off by having your partner get on all fours. Slowly begin stimulating their anus with your thumb, while at the same time, inserting your index finger into their vagina. With your fingers inside of your partner, lightly ‘pinch’ them together for increased internal stimulation. With your free hand, feel free to go ahead and explore the other wonderful aspects of your partner’s body - think erogenous zones (clitoris, nipples, neck, lower back, etc.). If your partner doesn't have a vagina and you do, have them try this out on you!

Gemini sex horoscope


Summer Lovin’ had a blast - which is exactly what you’re going to have this month, Gemini. Every relationship serves a purpose, and this relationship is going to finally meet your sexual needs. You will start off this summer hookup knowing that it’s going to be a fun relationship at the very least. As you spend more time with your new summer love, the passion and sexual intensity will continue to increase. Everything that was missing in your previous sexual relationships will finally be fulfilled. Keep an eye out for someone that is as flirtatious as you are, specifically those fiery fire signs. The relationship may not last for long, but you’ll remember the sex forever.

Power Position: Doggy (with an optional Strap-On)

This is a well-loved, classic position for a reason. This position allows for deep penetration and stimulation for both partners. Try switching things up by incorporating a strap-on. If you’re having sex with someone that also has a vagina, take turns bottoming and topping so both of you have the opportunity to really get off. If you’re having sex with someone with a penis, use the strap on for a doggy-style pegging session (if they're comfortable). You’ll feel empowered doing so while your partner gets off.

Cancer sex horoscope


Cancer, August is going to be a total rollercoaster for your sex life. Your current romantic situation, whether it’s a long term relationship or something casual, will face some turbulence and is at risk of crashing and burning. You’ll experience a romantic and sexual low, but you will also have the chance to experience some great highs as well. It might be a one night stand or a summer fling, but regardless of the length of this relationship, it will spark a transformative sexual experience for you. You’ve been stuck in a sexual rut lately, but this sexual encounter will reinvigorate your desire to find satisfaction with your partners going forward. 

Power Position: C.A.T. Woman

This position breaks up the monotony of penetrative sex. Instead of using a thrusting motion, the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.) maximizes clitoral stimulation by utilizing both of your bodies with sliding and rubbing. If you’re using a strap-on or a penis, insert just the tip to allow for you to slide against the shaft and pubic bone. If you’re just going vulva to vulva, then you’re all set to go.
Leo sex horoscope


Leo, as August kicks off, you’re going to have a slow start in the romance department. This rut won’t last for too long however, and when the moon enters Pisces, your sexual energy will be at an all-time high. It’ll add a really deep and pleasurable aspect to your sex life. Your sexual experiences are going to be more intense and hot overall, but be wary - the Pisces moon will put you at risk of developing feelings for your sexual partner. So, be careful when entering into a sexual liaison if you’re trying to avoid emotional attachments. 

Power Position: The Power Stance

This is a great sex position for everyone (regardless of genitalia). If you are the one who wants to be orally pleasured first, prop your foot up on a bed or chair. This will give your partner, who’s kneeling on the floor, an amazing angle. You will also feel like a complete badass in this position, especially if you incorporate a thrusting motion. Go ahead and switch spots with your partner as well to please them. You’ll have a great time getting off either way.

Virgo sex horoscope


2020 has really been putting you through the ringer, Virgo. But in August, you’re finally going to get a reprieve from all of the stress that the year has provided thus far. You are going to have so much carefree sexual fun this month. It might mean you'll be able to spend an entire weekend in bed with your love or a tryst with a new partner. Regardless of where your sex life ends up this month, you’re going to have a blast. Like Leos, you’re going to feel much more emotional because of the Pisces moon. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but it will allow for an opportunity to create deeper bonds with your sexual partners. 

Power Position: The Rocker

Capitalize on your increased feelings of intimacy by engaging in this eye-contact heavy position. Both you and your partner should lie on your sides, facing each other. Wrap your upper leg over your partner’s hips and begin rocking them back and forth. This position allows for a lot of control and is perfect for both mutual masturbation and/or penetrative sex.

Libra sex horoscope


Despite spending plenty of time at home during the past few months (thanks Covid-19), you’re going to feel the urge to be a real homebody in August, Libra. You’re going to want to spend your time cuddled up with your partner in bed, snuggling and whispering sweet nothings to each other. This is a good time to have an old-fashioned Netflix and chill session. Despite it being an overdone cliché, Netflix and chill is exactly what you need. As the month ends, you’re going to feel amazing in your skin and this will really translate well into your sex life. 

Power Position: The Ballplayer 

This is an ideal position when it comes to Netflix and chill. Remain seated on the couch (leaning back on it for additional support) while your partner sits on your lap, with their back facing you. The way you and your partner are positioned allows for all sorts of stimulation - penetration and beyond. Go ahead and rub your partner’s clitoris or stroke their testicles. You can also switch positions for easy-access while you're both "watching" Planet Earth. ;)

Scorpio sex horoscope


Scorpio, August is going to be your lucky month when it comes to dating apps. Regardless of the apps you’re on, whether it’s Tinder or Grindr or Hinge, you are going to be a hit. Not everyone has great experiences with dating apps, but this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about this month. The moon in Pisces will allow for you to make positive and lighthearted connections that is perfect for online dating. However, be careful not to set your expectations too high for your internet hookups, otherwise you will be let down.

Power Position: Mission(ary) Impossible

This is an amazing position to use when having sex with a new partner. It’s a play on the classic missionary position that allows for additional control. Instead of assuming the missionary position with your legs straight out, curl them slightly in towards your body. This will allow you to control the speed of thrusting so you can find a tempo that works for both of you with minimal awkwardness. 

Sagittarius sex horoscope


August is really not going to be your month when it comes to your love life, Sagittarius. You usually have a lot of fun with your partners and take great joy in your sexual experiences, but your game is going to be really thrown off this month. While August will definitely bring a lull to your dating life, this will give you an opportunity to fully appreciate yourself and your body. You have a tendency to forget about your own sexual needs when you’re with a partner, so now is a great time to discover or rediscover your own pleasure. You’re long overdue for some quality me-time.

Power Position: The Slide Dish

Explore a masturbation style outside of the traditional focus on the clitoris, by having an entire session focused on anal stimulation. While laying down on your bed, use lube and slide your fingers around and on your clitoris. Continue stimulating yourself just until you’re on the brink of orgasm and then add in a butt plug for additional stimulation. 

Capricorn sex horoscope


Capricorn, the lunar eclipse in your sign this month will brew trouble for your romantic and sexual relationships. If you’re in a relationship, the issues and problems you’ve faced in the past will come to a head. If you’re single, this will be a good chance to analyze why you’ve had these problems in your previous relationships. Namely you’ll begin to understand why you tend to put up emotional walls and keep your partners at an arms-length away. As you begin to better understand your own emotional needs in your romantic and sexual relationships, your sex life will drastically improve. Sometimes emotional intimacy is the biggest turn on. 

Power Position: The Side Stroke

Have both you and your partner lying down on your sides, facing each other. It allows for intense eye contact, creating enhanced intimacy. If you choose to have penetrative sex, either with a strap-on or a penis, use your legs to push and pull your bodies for increased stimulation. This motion also works for vulva to vulva action and mutual masturbation as well. 

Aquarius sex horoscope


You are going to feel so over the whole relationship thing this month, Aquarius. It’ll seem like far too much work and effort to sustain a relationship. This is perfectly okay; sometimes you need to put a hold on dating so you can spend time bettering yourself. Take some time to love yourself and the relationship you have with your own body. Your body is amazing and deserves as much love as possible. Towards the end of the month you’ll have more energy for romance, so go out on a limb and make the first move. After your dating reprieve, making romantic and sexual connections will be easier and more exciting than before. 

Power Position: The Lingerie Slay

Your body is beautiful! So this month, use lingerie to further accentuate your shape and curves. Put on a corset or shapewear and pair it with a bra that makes you feel sexy as hell or just let your boobs hang free. If not, go ahead and incorporate any other piece of clothing that makes you feel your very best. With your partner sitting down, grind on them with your hips. Don’t let them touch you right away - to heighten the pleasure once they’re finally able to. 

Pisces sex horoscope


Pisces, despite your usual tendencies to be sensitive and shy, August will be the perfect time for you to make the first move. The upcoming lunar eclipse in August will be in your 5th and 11th houses, which are your luckiest houses. They rule your romantic and sex lives. Lunar eclipses usually represent a loss of some sorts, but in this particular case, it signifies that a friendship will transform into something much more than that. It may end up as a friends with benefits situation or a long term relationship. Embrace the lunar eclipse and use it to your advantage this month. 

Power Position: The Ravished

Capitalize on the boldness of this position to fully empower yourself. Have your partner lay down on the bed, spread eagle, and attach each arm and leg to a corner of the mattress. Use handcuffs, an under-the-bed restraint system, or any sort of rope-like object (that is safe) that you have on hand. Once your partner is tied up, use your oral skills to give them enough pleasure that they can’t wait to reciprocate.


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