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The Best Erotica Sites for Women

The Best Erotica Sites for Women

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Erotica can be great for exploring a new fantasy, reading aloud to a partner, or just indulging in some sexy self-care. Thanks to the talented and diverse field of women's erotica bloggers out there, these days the world of online erotica is so wide and welcoming that there’s something for everyone.


Whether you’re looking for a quick naughty story to treat yourself to before bed or a long, romantic adventure to sink your teeth into, these erotica sites make it easy to scratch any itch. 


Here are some of the best places to find free erotica by, for, and about women:



Lush Stories

Lush Stories makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want stories about a specific kink or romances with a certain type of couple, their long index and tag system makes it simple, so you can get right to the good parts. You can also use their “random story” button to treat yourself to a sexy surprise. Lush Stories has forums and chatrooms for anyone from erotica newbies to seasoned fans to connect and discuss their favorite stories. If reading their steamy stuff makes you feel inspired, you can even write your own sizzling story and enter one of their contests!




This website’s name makes it obvious enough: they post erotica by, for, and about women. Their collection is fun and easy to explore, with summaries of each story under a quick, skimmable title card. All the erotica on Libida is free, but if you want an extra treat to go along with your steamy reads, they also sell sex toys. Which toys pair best with which stories? You’ll have to find out for yourself!




ELUST is one of the longest-running collections of online sex writing. Bloggers and writers from all over the internet submit their work for each monthly digest, then the ELUST editors narrow them down to a short list of the best stuff - which saves you a lot of work! Each curated digest includes erotic fiction and erotic non-fiction, as well as sex and relationship advice, kink and BDSM content, and essays on sexuality and identity. 

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Remittance Girl


Remittance Girl isn’t an anthology site - believe it or not, all the smoking-hot stories on RG are written by one amazing author! Stories here include all types of couples and all types of sex, but focus specifically on kinks, fetishes, and BDSM. Whether you’re curious about dipping your toes in with a sweet spanking story or you already know what you like and want to see it depicted in scorching detail, check out Remittance Girl.


Masturbation Monday


This amazing project is on a hiatus, but with 300 weeks worth of “round-ups,” there’s plenty of hot content to discover. Masturbation Monday collects a weekly list of erotic stories from different writers and bloggers. Some weeks focus on an image prompt or shared theme, and others just highlight the best, sexiest writing out there in a week. Roundups like this are a great way to find writers you like - if a particular story linked by Masturbation Monday strikes your fancy, it’s easy to find more works by the same author by following the links on their blog!


Filthy Sexy Words


Filthy Sexy Words runs a weekly erotic writing prompt based on a word and an image. Each week, erotic authors write a “filthy, sexy” story inspired by that prompt and link it under the main image. The combination of image prompts with hot stories makes their site very fun to explore - find a picture or word that revs your engine, then click through and see what sexy treasures await! And if you find a prompt that really makes you want more, you can try your hand at some naughty fiction and add your own story. The site even lists upcoming prompts for readers and writers who like having something to look forward to. Anticipation is half the fun, right?




Bellesa’s sleek website includes cams and porn videos as well as erotic stories. Their selection of erotica is top-quality and organized into categories for everything from masturbation to threesomes and from sweet first times to BDSM adventures. Bellesa also has a section for science fiction and fantasy erotica, in case you like your sultry stories with a different sort of backdrop. Whether it’s villainous dragons and blushing damsels or naughty aliens and experimental cyborgs, Bellesa has something for you!




For the discerning reader with sensuous tastes, MyErotica publishes “refined erotica.” That means their editor, Rose, selects the best submissions from writers and collects them all in one place for readers to peruse. If you’re not in the mood for reading erotica, MyErotica also posts podcasts, where you can listen to a sexy story read out loud. It’s an excellent option for when your hands are otherwise occupied (wink wink), or if you want to share your favorite erotic fantasy with a partner. 

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