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December Sex Horoscopes

December Sex Horoscopes

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What’s your holiday power sex position? Find your sign to learn your December sex horoscopes:

Aries December sex horoscope


You are feeling massive amounts of passion within your love life, Aries. This will result in some seriously steamy encounters that will leave all parties trembling for days to come. However, if you are in a committed relationship, this passion will boil over and create some unnecessary, dramatic fights. The key to overcoming these issues is a lot of patience and communication. You have to remember that there is more to relationships than just passion.

Power Position: Zoom Dick

This is a fun twist on traditional missionary. The beauty of this position is in its simplicity. With you and your partner in the traditional missionary position, shake things up by adding a vibrating cock ring. If you are with a partner who has a penis, the cock ring will help them stay hard for a longer time period and the vibrations of the cock ring will provide additional bliss. 

Taurus December sex horoscope


Taurus - your chart this month is going to really center around your relationships - specifically your romantic ones. This month anything and everything will go. You might run into someone that you never thought you’d see again or maybe you’ll try a new position in bed and absolutely love it. Don’t limit yourself this month. You will run into some lovely opportunities if you keep yourself open to possibilities. 

Power Position: The Erotic End

Have your partner lay down with their legs spread out in a comfortable position. While in this position, have them lean back a bit to support their own weight. Now position yourself with your back facing your partner and hovering over their thighs until you lower yourself down onto their penis or strap-on. Keep your knees bent and feet grounded on the floor. From here simply grind against each other into oblivion.

Gemini December sex horoscope


This month Mercury (both in and out of retrograde) is going to be giving you all sorts of problems, Gemini. Despite being ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication), you are struggling with your communication skills in the bedroom. While you usually have no problem telling your partner what you want and need during sex, you are having difficulty fully expressing this to your lover. In order to overcome this hurdle, you will have to make a conscious effort in this department. Be transparent! 

Power Position: The Dom-ish

This position will really force you to work on your communication skills in the bedroom. It’s also a great introductory position to take control in the bedroom and domination. Direct their actions, and tell your partner exactly what to do. Everything from how you want them to undress to where you want them to touch you to what you want them to do to you. Really experiment and have fun with it.

Cancer December sex horoscope


You are struggling to really open yourself up this month, Cancer. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, it’s necessary to open up at least a little bit. With concentrated effort, you will be able to overcome this hurdle and come out much closer to your partner and with an increased sense of intimacy! By being vulnerable, both emotionally and physically, you will have a much more pleasurable time in the bedroom. 

Power Position: The Made-to-Order

Sit your partner’s ass on the kitchen counter and kneel before them. This is a perfect position for easy access to make your partner feel oh-so-good. Have fun with it - finger them, eat them out, or do both at the same time! To make things hotter, have your partner wrap their legs behind your head or shoulders. 

Leo December sex horoscope


You are facing some confidence and communication hurdles this month, Leo. While you are usually the most confident person in the room and you’re not afraid to tell people that, you are feeling off your game. Whether it’s a new relationship that’s throwing you for a loop or some surprises in your established relationship you weren’t quite expecting, you are going to be left a bit shaken this December. However if you continue to persevere, this problem won’t last for long. 

Power Position: The Iron Butterfly

With your partner lying face up, squat over them while facing them with your knees spread wide and your feet close to their torso. From here, roll and thrust your pelvis until you’re both feeling good in all the right ways. Feel free to squeeze your knees together for a tighter grip or let them open wide so your partner can touch you as well. The motion of your knees moving in and out mirrors a butterfly’s wings and is just as beautiful.

Virgo December sex horoscopes


Virgo, you are an incredibly hardworking and dedicated individual, and your love life is no exception to this. Once you’re in a relationship, you really put in the work needed for a successful partnership - but you often falter when it comes to taking risks to enter into anything new or different. Try to face this fear head-on by making the first move or by trying something new to both you and your partner. 

Power Position: The Gateway D

Like the name suggests, this is an amazing position when first introducing dildos to your sex life. Have your partner start off by sliding the dildo in and out of your vagina or even your ass. It’s important to remember that lube is essential to properly use a dildo. While in this position, make sure to have your partner stimulate your clit, and if you’re feeling up to it, play with your partner too. 

Libra December sex horoscopes


During the month of December you are going to feel increased levels of intimacy and desire, Libra. It is going to be an excellent month for you, at least sex-wise. You are going to be bold and confident in the bedroom, which is a welcome change to your usual passive nature. If you are single, keep an eye out for a steamy hookup. If you are in a relationship, your regular bedroom encounters will be tantalizing to say the least. 

Power Position: The Magic Finger

Lie back on the bed with your knees up to your chest and your legs open wide enough for easy access. Have your partner sit in a comfortable position and have them begin to stimulate your vulva and clitoris. Don’t forget to use lube, it will make all the difference. Have them move into stimulating your clitoris while inserting a finger into your vagina. Fingering is usually overlooked as foreplay, but if you do it right, it can be the whole show. 

Scorpio December sex horoscopes


Regardless of your relationship status, Scorpio, you are in for a change this month. This may mean that you’re entering into a relationship or are just leaving one. Regardless of what the change might be, it will ultimately be what is best. This month will be filled with some erotic surprises that you’re going to greatly appreciate. Initially, change may appear to be frightening, but you will do well to embrace it. You never know where it will take you - especially in the bedroom.

Power Position: The Rocking Rockette

Lie on your back and raise your legs in the air in whatever is the most comfortable position for you. For some fun, swing them. Have your partner play with you by licking, sucking, biting, kissing, and whatever else feels good. While they are stimulating your clitoris, have them penetrate you with a dildo or finger. This position may be a bit of a balancing act (literally), but the pleasure outweighs any downsides that may come along with it. 

Sagittarius December sex horoscope 


December is going to be filled to the brim with drama, Sagittarius. It may be something trivial or a larger issue at hand. Either way, it will not be overly enjoyable. Try to cast aside the drama within your personal life, and focus on yourself in the bedroom. It may provide great relief to you if you forget about having a partner in bed and only focus on you and your needs. If anyone could use it, it would be you. 

Power Position: Lively Up Yourself

This position is simple, but it will add an entirely new level to your masturbation practices. When using your favorite vibrator or dildo, add some arousal gel on to your clitoris! Pleasure gel can enhance your solo experience in a myriad of different ways. It can increase blood flow for increased sensitivity and deeper arousal than ever before. This will take your masturbation to soaring new heights. 

Capricorn December sex horoscope 


Big changes are on the horizon, Capricorn, and in the most unexpected ways. It’s difficult to specifically pin down what these changes may entail, but they shouldn’t negatively affect your sex life in any way. This year has thrown you several different challenges, but luckily for you, your sex life has remained steady and erotic. With all of the changes heading your way, make sure to put forth extra effort to ensure that your sex life remains this way. 

Power Position: The Classic Scissor

With all of the changes that have been happening in your life lately, a return to the good ole basics will be quite comforting. Have your partner lie on their side and straddle one of their legs over yours while you are also laying on your side. From here grind together so both of your clits are rubbing against each other until you both get off. If you want, you can involve penetration. Don’t forget, it’s a classic for a reason.

 Aquarius December sex horoscope


Unfortunately for you, this month is going to be more serious than fun, Aquarius. You have developed strong and serious feelings for a completely unexpected person. Despite your best efforts, you were not able to combat this. When it comes to sex, these deep feelings will either heighten your experience or completely ruin it. This month will be a toss-up between two extremes. Take caution when attempting to balance these polar opposite potential outcomes.

Power Position: The Pretend Lover

Place your favorite dildo on the ground, a chair, or your bed and go to town on it. Try to really get into it; rock wildly back and forth, lift your pelvis up and down, and touch yourself the whole time. Feel free to be as loud as you please to really get into the mood. Even if you don’t orgasm from penetration, there’s still something hot about it.

 Pisces December sex horoscope


When it comes to your romantic life, Pisces, you have really begun to think about the larger issues at hand. You are reflecting on who you’re experiencing intimacy with and how you are experiencing it. When you are analyzing yourself and trying to understand your inner mechanics, make sure you are being honest with yourself. If you’re not honest, no real change will occur, and your love and sex life will remain stagnant at best.

Power Position: The Freeform 

This position is all about taking things slow. It explores the importance of sensuality and passion in the bedroom. Start off with a long and deep massage for you and your partner. Really work out any lingering tension and explore all parts of your partner’s body. It doesn’t necessarily have to end with a happy ending, but you definitely won’t regret it. It’s important to remember that not every sexual interaction must end in orgasm; there is sexual pleasure outside of orgasm.

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