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Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Him

Jess Bovee Jess Bovee
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Everyone wants to find the perfect gift, and this year might be your chance. It’s time to surprise him with sensual presents that show you care and want to get even closer this holiday season. We've created the perfect gift guide for him to make it easier on you!


Connection Game 

There are other ways to get deeper with him. Try this collection of cards designed to deepen your connection as you ask each other questions and experience new levels of intimacy. Enjoy peeling the layers back card after card, while expanding your understanding of one another and your relationship. 


Rings for Him

Drop on one knee and give him the ring he didn’t know he needed. Try these silicone penis rings that can maximize pleasure and stamina. They offer varying ring sizes to help you find the right fit for him. They’re built for comfort and designed to fit around the penis and testicles to increase pressure and orgasms.


Lingerie for Him

Try something fun and custom with a thong that’s undeniably his. This thong lets you put his face on the front which is sure to get a smile and laugh from him this year. You can even add custom text on the back, which is perfect for inside jokes, his name, or something that lets him know you love him. 



It doesn’t matter if it’s for self pleasure, date night, or anal play, a personal lubricant can make the perfect gift. The selection offers a wide range of lubes that can enhance each other’s sexual pleasure, along with adding warming or cooling effects, depending on which ones you choose.  


Truth or Dare

Keep the game of seduction going with this truth or dare kinky collection that’s sure to get you both out of your comfort zone. It’s filled with “seductive challenges” and other unique twists that are sure to turn up the heat during your next date night. 

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Kama Sutra 

If he likes to try new positions and adventure with you in the bedroom, try this Kama Sutra scratch-off poster that includes all of the positions. Hang it above his bed or your shared one as a way to get creative and spice up new ways to explore each other. 


Good Vibrations 

Let him be in control this season with a remote control that can send you into ecstasy. This kegel kit allows him to try 10 different patterns on you and experiment with what makes both of you feel good. Consider wearing it throughout the day while he keeps the remote control in hand whenever he wants to surprise you. 


Position Pillow 

Sometimes you just need to adjust your position, and this pillow lets him put you right where he wants you. It’s perfect for oral sex and offers new angles that you both can explore. The soft microfibers are also a nice touch that’s comfortable and easy to wash. 


His Vibrator

It’s easy to forget the prostate, but for men this can be the gateway to even more powerful orgasms. This remote-controlled prostate massager can help him reach new heights all from your fingertips. He can use it on himself or with you for a versatile addition to your shared sex life. 


Wine Lover

If he likes vino, consider creating an in-home wine tasting experience to kick-start a frisky date night. They offer a range of whites and reds to let you both experience new flavors as you flirt over this collection of popular wines alongside cheeses or whatever he likes most. 


Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or gifts that are sure to wow him this year, save this gift guide for him to help you add some spice under the tree and the sheets. 

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