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Gift Guide for Them

Gift Guide for Them

Jess Bovee Jess Bovee
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This year is a chance to show your love and make your partner feel seen with a gift that feels crafted just for them. If you’re lost or without a wishlist, use this gift guide for them to help you find the sensual must-haves to bring you together!


Love Book

Whether they’re an avid reader or you have some stories in mind, you can create a custom book that showcases your relationship. This “after dark” option lets you add what turns you both on and all of the fun details that light up your sex life. They’ll add illustrations and help you create the perfect story of love and sex that’s just for you two to share. 


Sensual Tea

Chinese medicine has something for everything, and this sex tea features ingredients like ginseng root and Chinese dates that are known to reduce stress. The biodegradable tea bags and libido-increasing blend make it perfect for you and your partner to sip at night or for special occasions. 


Add Fireworks 

Add more sensations with this game-changing stimulation gel. This best-selling product can take their climax up a notch with peppermint for an arousing gel that helps sensitive areas (clitoris, penis, erogenous zones) feel tingly and orgasmic. Add this to increase stimulation to give them the gift of a new experience and bigger orgasms. 


Hot Toddy 

Or, if you want something a little stronger, try a hot toddy kit that may help you get a little frisky with some whisky. The kit features two glasses along with mixes, mulling syrup, and bourbon black tea that can pair with their favorite whiskey for a warming beverage this holiday season. 


Anal for All

Everyone can enjoy anal play, so add this master set to take it up a few more levels. The kit includes butt plugs, a training guide, and many other tools and toys for anal enthusiasts looking to go beyond the rim. Enjoy their portable bag that lets you both boost your pleasure from anywhere. 

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Make Art

Whether they appreciate art or don’t know the first thing about painting, this sexual art kit can make your connection last forever. This romantic gift lets you commemorate your sex on a canvas with body paint that lets you hang up your intimate connection.


Strap On 

Surprise them with a silicone strap-on that has the potential to pleasure you both simultaneously. This one is hands-free, dishwasher safe, and is the perfect gift to bring you two together into a shared connection, and maybe even orgasm. Add a personal lubricant to increase ease and intensity. 


Erotic Stories

Give them a gift that keeps giving with an erotic story subscription that allows them to explore their wildest fantasies. You can listen to sexual audios together or while you’re apart for a chance to unite over stories that get you both horny. 


Tasty Wipes 

These intimate wipes feature varying fruity flavors like cherry and pineapple. They’re pH balanced and biodegradable, which make it easy to stay clean and add tasty scents and notes for both you and your partner to enjoy. They can use them after the gym, before bed, or whenever they want a pick-me-up. 


Penis Planter

If they’re a plant lover, give them this penis planter for home decor that celebrates both of their favorite things. It’s a conversation piece that works well in any room, so get ready to see their smile after opening this one up. 


Your partner is sure to enjoy this assortment of intimate gifts that show that you love them and want to get them in bed. Mix and match your favorites from this gift guide for them this season, and watch them have fun playing with all of their new toys!

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