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How to Recycle Your Sex Toys

How to Recycle Your Sex Toys

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Sex toys are a great addition to anyone’s sex life! However, all good things eventually come to an end (pun intended). This begs the question: how do you sustainably dispose of your sex toys? In general, when we can't reuse, we recycle a lot of our waste such as plastic, glass, and paper - for the good of our planet.


Did you know that you can actually recycle your sex toys? "If they're just being put into the dump, they're going to leach the same chemicals or toxins as your cell phone," says Coyote Days, Product and Purchasing Manager for Good Vibrations. One of the main signs it’s time to recycle your sex toy(s) is that they no longer work, despite charging or replacing the batteries.


Fast Facts:

  1. Clean your toys thoroughly before recycling.
  2. Call your local recycling facility and ask them what they recommend. Don’t be embarrassed - be proud you have such a great sex life and you care about our planet! (You can always say e-waste if it makes you feel more comfortable.)
  3. Do your best to take them apart.
  4. Shop smart. Buy toys that are made to last!


Are there sex toy recycling programs?


In the UK there is a recycling program through Lovehoney and in Canada, there is one through Come As You Are. They both accept CLEAN, used sex toys. In Australia, there is a lovely, ethical company called Vavven and they have a functioning recycling program as well. Their motto, “The sex can be dirty, but the values must be clean,” is fantastic. If you didn’t know that sex toys can be ethical, you can read all about their philosophy.


Sadly, the US is behind in this sex toy recycling movement. However, there is one verified sex toy recycling program based out of Portland, Oregon. They're called Rein, and they accept submission from all over the country. Please read their instructions carefully here.

 recycle sex toys

Can you recycle sex toys locally?


If you don't use an official sex toy recycling program, the best thing you can do is clean your toys well before putting them in your mainstream recycling. Remember that humans work at recycling facilities and they don’t want to touch your bodily fluids even with their gloves on. When you put anything in the recycling, think to yourself, “how would I feel about someone else touching this item?”


Georgia May, the author of "Tips for Disposing & Recycling Sex Toys," recommends that when you purchase new sex toys to “opt for something that is designed to last a lifetime, such as toys made from glass or toys that are made from higher quality materials.” Information about how to recycle electronics in different states can be found on the United States EPA website


What are safe materials for sex toys to be made from?


According to Secret Pleasures Boutique, the following materials are safest:

· Silicone

· Stainless Steel

· Glass


The following materials are safe to very safe:

· Elastomer/Elastomed

· ABS Plastic

· Acrylic

· Wood



How do you recycle Lubilicious products?

Our Igniter vibrator is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone. It's one of the safest materials for your body. This toy is a unique rabbit vibrator with two motors that can move independently. The body of our Igniter is flexible and bendable. You can fully customize the angle and find your perfect spot. To recycle this toy, you can ship it to Scarlet Girl in Portland, OR.


The Igniter Vibrator Kit

The Igniter Vibrator Kit


With dual motor technology and 12 modes of vibration, the Igniter vibrator is truly a toy that can cater to your personal needs. Not every body is the same, which is why we created this unique, deluxe insertable rabbit vibrator....


Sex toys are not the only Lubilicious products you can recycle! Who doesn’t love lube? The more the merrier. Silicone sex toys require you to use water-based lube because a silicone-based lube will erode the toy, and you definitely don’t want that. We make some wonderful cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-allergenic, water-based lube options that pair perfectly with our Igniter vibrator.


The plastic bottle all of our lube is packaged in is recyclable too. The pump falls into the seventh category of recycling and cannot be recycled with all of your other recycling. To recycle the pump, consult your local municipality and they will instruct you on how to proceed.


Remember, there is no Planet B. It's important to do your part in as many ways as possible to preserve Mother Earth. Happy eco-friendly playing!


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