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Our Favorite Instagram Sex Influencers

Our Favorite Instagram Sex Influencers

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We are constantly flooded with romanticized versions of life, love, and especially sex - from perfect first-times in movies to flawless relationships being plastered all over social media. Where can we find the truth about the nitty gritty of love and sex?

Now, because of social media, we have real people - influencers - to turn to. Real people who actually have something to say about the normalcy of everything being taught to NOT be normal. So here’s to unlearning shame. Here’s to ditching the rose-tinted sunglasses. And here’s to real people helping real people through the ebbs and flows of life and sex.

Here’s a list of our favorite IG influencers in the sexual wellness space. They give the real deets on the dirty stuff and normalize what is actually oh-so-normal.

Portia, Froeticsexology

Portia is a great example of a real-life-person sharing their experiences while also promoting healthy sex and lifestyle habits. From daily affirmations to understanding the benefits of having a little “me time," Portia helps guide her followers to learning more about what makes them unique and worthy of love and appreciation. 

While self-love is a journey only an individual can choose to take, with the help of Portia, the road will be way less bumpy and way more fun. Her POC perspective and body/gender inclusive platform allow a safe space for those looking for guidance and no judgment. “Healing is not linear and has no end point”. Portia offers one on one sex coaching sessions that you can inquire about on her instagram.

Dr. Varuna Srinivasan


Varuna is a South Asian sex-ed conissuer. Holding a degree in medicine and public health, her page is a great insight to both the mental and physical aspects of exploring sexuality and what it means to be a sexual being. As a woman of color and a member of the LGBTQ community, Varuna offers an open, safe space to discuss seemingly taboo topics and create healthy conversations around them without any underlying fear. 

This page offers many tips on understanding toxic behaviors (be it unlearning them oneself or recognizing them in others), self love and pleasure & understanding how the world affects all of these things. 

Read the blog post on masturbation and solo sex that Varuna wrote for the Lubilicious Blog!

Stella Williams

Stella is an influencer and content creator who focuses on experiencing life as a human being and all that entails. From fashion to plus size life to sex tips, Stella provides a candid view and thoughtful perspective. Her self expression is an inspiration in itself. 

Stella's unwavering confidence and honest depiction of life as a plus size woman of color is refreshing and comforting to all those who enjoy her content. Understanding how to enjoy life and learning how to undo learned behaviors is an excellent way to begin one’s sexual journey of exploration and confidence. 

JoEllen Notte


JoEllen is a sex educator and writer who does an excellent job on bringing to light mental health and it’s effects on one’srelationships with the world and others. Her content is heavily focused on helping reader’s better their quality of life through self care and self awareness; beginning with healing what’s within and then exploring outward from there. JoEllen has an honest approach about the complications of sex and mental health- and how people can better help themselves manage the two and achieve the most healthy relationship they can. 

While some of the previously mentioned influencers bring light to mental health in terms of how one can feel in relation to sex and sexuality, JoEllen focuses more on the self, and personal improvement before delving into the ever-confusing topic of relationships. 

Lola Baston

Lola is a sex educator and a pleasure connoisseur. On her page you can find helpful sex toy reviews, body positivity and an honest approach to being a sexual being unapologetically. Lola skips right over the taboo and goes straight into opening up conversations about sex, life and pleasure without any fear. 

Her live talk variety show Sex Ed and a Go Go is all about body positivity and sexual expression. Her goal is to empower those around her and make everyone feel as sexy as they should. This is a safe space for people to ask embarrassing, awkward questions without any regrets and most importantly, have fun! Her page is a safe space for POC and curious onlookers to learn more about themselves through exploration.

Goody Howard

Goody is a sex educator that is trying to break the stigmas surrounding sex and intimacy. She is a huge advocate of expressing sexuality and sexual desire as a means of self care and exploration. She encourages her audience to not shy away from intimacy but rather face it head on. Her POC friendly and body inclusive page creates a safe space for those looking for a bit of guidance through their sexual journey. 

Goody believes that sexual pleasure IS sexual health;  meaning that these two coincide and should be equally paid attention to in order to better one’s experience of life and sex. She is not shy about recommending a few tips, tricks and toys for those in her community and always opens up conversations about “taboo” topics in a comfortable, enjoyable fashion. 

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