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March Sex Horoscope

March Sex Horoscope

11 minute read

Get ready for you March sex horoscope! What power position have the stars picked out for you this month?

aries march sex horoscope


Aries, the month of March brings along new opportunities for romance in the most unexpected of places. It may be someone you meet for the first time or a long-time friend that you are finally seeing in a new light. No matter the way, when you meet your next partner you will not be afraid to tell them, in explicit terms, exactly what you’re looking for in the bedroom. You will be willing to express your wildest fantasies. Nothing will be off-limits for you. The sexual liberation and freedom you’ll be feeling is intoxicating and will rub off on your partner.

Power Position: Splitting Bamboo

This is a rather simple sex position, but one that has amazing results. The receiving partner will start off with their leg on their partner’s shoulder. From here, their partner will hold on to their leg as they begin penetration. This is the perfect position to hit the G-Spot, and everyone’s hands will be free to wonder. 

 taurus march sex horoscope


When it comes to matters of romance and sex, Taurus, your approach is usually slow and steady wins the race. You usually prefer your love life to be something you can count on to be consistent. However, this month your passion for your partner will lead you to be more spontaneous in the bedroom than usual. While this isn’t typical, your sex life will flourish with your newfound whim. Don’t run away from this; embrace it. Make sure to extend this new, playful aspect to your sex life. With all of the heaviness that the past year has brought, this will be a welcome change. 

Power Position: Lazy Lovers

This position is relaxing and playful, all at the same time. Start off with the penetrating partner laying on their back. The receiving partner will in turn squat on top. From here, lay back until both partners are horizontal on the bed. In this position the receiving partner can control thrusts and movement with their feet. 

 gemini march sex horoscope


Gemini, if you have a feeling that this year so far has not been meeting your desires and expectations in the romance arena, March will bring along some new changes to this pattern. You are going to have extra energy to invest in your sexual relationships. Whether it’s a steamy one-night-stand or an intense, sensual relationship, you will have your sexual needs met in a way that they never have been before. But - don’t forget to check in with your partner’s needs every now and then. 

Power Position: Stand and Deliver

This is the perfect position to switch things up a bit by utilizing furniture and impromptu passion. Use whatever furniture is nearby when the urge overtakes you. The receiving partner will lay with their legs on their partner’s shoulders. The partner who is penetrating can control the speed and intensity of each thrust. Their hands will also be free to stimulate anything and everything.

 cancer march sex horoscope


The past year has been full of life lessons and personal growth for you, Cancer. You have been able to take this growth and extend it into your love life, and it’s been increasing your need and ability to fully embrace emotional intimacy in the bedroom. This connection will be gratifying as it is necessary in order for you to have the most fulfilling sex life possible. March, in particular, will provide you with the opportunity to establish a loving relationship. This relationship will further help your sex life blossom. 

Power Position: Couch Canoodle

This is a great position to spice up your sex life and deepen the bond you have with your partner. One partner will sit on the couch while the other person will sit on their partner’s lap. From here the partner on top should gently lower themselves down so their arms are supporting their upper body and their legs are wrapped around their partner. This is an especially great position if one partner is a lot shorter than the other. 

 leo march sex horoscope


March will bring along a sense of calm and balance for you, Leo. If you are in a committed relationship, your connection will deepen even further. You will feel more in touch with your partner than ever. If you are single, you will have luck on your side and meet someone. This newfound connection will help you fully explore and realize your own sexual desires. Your confidence will be at an all-time high, which will, in turn, have fiery results in the bedroom. Your sexual passion this month will be unmatched.

Power Position: Joystick Joyride

This is an amazing sex position to really get all of your energy out. The receiving partner will sit on top of their partner. The receiving partner should feel free to lean back and bounce to completion. For further support, the receiving partner should use their arms as they lean back. The penetrating partner will have an amazing view of everything. 

 virgo march sex horoscope


Virgo - March will finally bring along a partner that is worthy of you. You have put a lot of time and effort into finding someone you truly deserve. This relationship will continue to flourish throughout the month. Even if you’re single this month, the Venus aspect of your sign will make you uncommonly charismatic, which will attract all sorts of different partners that can provide you with an array of sexual opportunities. They may be new to you, but you may be surprised at how much you truly enjoy them. 

Power Position: The Watering Hole

This position is a perfect introduction to rimming. Start off with your partner in the shower. The shower is great for rimming, especially if there is any worry about cleanliness. Have your partner part their legs as you squat behind them. At this angel you are in a perfect spot to just go to town. If you want additional stimulation don’t be afraid to incorporate the showerhead.

libra march sex horoscope


Throughout the month of March, you will find yourself ever increasingly irritated with mundane and surface level connections, Libra. You are over settling for things in life ( your sex life included). This will seem like an impossible task to many, but for you, this is merely a bump in the road. The beginning of the month your sex life will be slow. Thankfully as the month goes on, it will become explosive. Essentially, you will feel whole new levels of sexual pleasure. Make sure you take full advantage of all the fun that is coming your way.

Power Position: The Octopus

The most underrated aspect of this position is that it allows both participants to remain in control. Each partner will start off sitting down while facing each other. The receiver will position themselves in between their partner’s legs and have their legs over their partner’s shoulders. From here everyone should lean back into these positions to their comfort level. The penetrating partner can thrust away while the receiver can control the speed with their arms. 

scorpio march sex horoscope


The start of March will find you filled with an array of different lighthearted emotions, Scorpio. You may feel like a lovesick teenager in a lot of different ways. You are going to be overwhelmed with sweet and jovial feelings. If you are in a relationship, this will breathe fresh air into your relationship. If you are single, March will bring along a partner that is the epitome of joy. This increase in happiness will also make your sex life euphoric. You aren’t always the best at enjoying the true pleasure of sex, but this month you’ll finally be able to embrace it. 

Power Position: The Heavyweight

This position utilizes the power of gravity. Have both partners start off by sitting on an armless chair facing each other. The receiving partner should lift their feet off of the ground. In this specific position gravity will make the sensation even more powerful. This also allows for the either party to control the speed and intensity of the thrusts. 

 sagittarius march sex horoscope


During the month of March, Sagittarius, you will become ever increasingly aware of your desire for a romantic partner. You are finally going to know whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical needs  that you’re searching for. This month you are going to be able to express your sexuality much more comfortably than you have been able to previously. However, it is important that you are sure that your partner is just as comfortable with your sex life as you are. Sex can only be so fulfilling if only one person is truly enjoying themselves.

Power Position: The Sandwich

This is a simple pose. However, it still remains incredibly pleasurable for both partners. The receiver will lay face down on the bed. From here the penetrating partner will enter from behind. You can always use your favorite sex toy in this position as well. Regardless of what you’re using for stimulation, have the receiver squeeze their thighs tightly to increase pressure and pleasure.

 capricorn march sex horoscope


Life has been feeling overwhelmingly chaotic as of late, Capricorn. March is the time where you really need to pause, take a beat, and slow down. You deserve a vacation from the stress of your everyday life. Have some quality time with your partner and reconnect. It has been some time since you were able to truly appreciate all that your partner provides you with. If you’re single, this is the perfect time to really get to know yourself. Specifically, your own sexual needs and desires. You will find that sex will be extra relaxing for you this month. 

Power Position: The Waterfall 

This position is all about low effort and high visual reward. The receiver will sit in between their partner’s legs facing them. The receiver should lift their ankles onto your partner’s shoulders with your legs elevated. This is the perfect spot for easy penetration as well as additional stimulation. 

 aquarius march sex horoscope


Aquarius, the lingering effects of the prominence of Venus in February still has you aglow as March begins. Everyone will be able to feel your radiance. You have a tendency to approach love and sex as logically as you possibly can. While reason is always important, try not to let it overwhelm your relationships this month. Try and embrace your more emotional side. It will drastically improve your connection with your partner. This in turn will add even more passion to your sex life. 

Power Position: Kneeling Congress

This position is great for intense eye contact, emotional connection, and intimacy. It is exactly as the name suggests - there is a lot of kneeling involved. Both partners will face each other while kneeling. Intertwine your legs to increase support and allow for easier access. The Kneeling Congress also allows for a controlled, gentl rhythm. As a bonus, there is plenty of full body contact. 

 Pisces march sex horoscope


This month Jupiter will provide you with a surprise jolt of optimism about your current love and sex life, Pisces If you are single, you will feel more hopeful than ever that you will soon find a romantic partner to fit all your needs. Whether it be emotional or physical, it’s only a matter of time before you find your perfect connection. If you are in a relationship, this month will only serve to bring the pair of you closer together. 

Power Position: Frisky Floor Show

This position utilizes a rather unique angle. Have the penetrator or the stimulating partner stand straight while the receiver is in front of them facing downwards. Being in this pose will create internal pressure that is able to stimulate the clitoris from the inside out. The downward facing position will also allow for the potential for additional G-Spot stimulation. 


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