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May 2021 Sex Horoscope

May 2021 Sex Horoscope

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Hoping your sex life will blossom this spring? Find your sign below to read your May 2021 sex horoscope and your "power position" of the month!

Aries may 2021 sex horoscope


As May begins, Aries, you are going to feel extra attune to your more sensual side. Give in to your instincts and indulge in some romantic purchases (lingerie or candles would do the trick). You are connecting to your partner on a deeper level, leading to some very passionate sexual experiences. If it’s your long term partner or a one night stand, each encounter will be full of sensuality, intensity, and passion. Don’t overlook the electricity you’re having this month and make sure to take full advantage of it. 

Power Position: The Erotic End

Have your partner lay down with their legs spread out in a comfortable position. While in this position, have them lean back a bit to support their own weight. Now position yourself with your back facing your partner and hovering over their thighs until you lower yourself down onto their penis or strap-on. Keep your knees bent and feet grounded on the floor. From here simply grind against each other into oblivion.

taurus may 2021 sex horoscope 


May is a month full of romantic and sexual fantasy, Taurus. You are going to feel totally in your element, and the confidence you’re exuding will be alluring for those around you. Your sexuality is radiating from the inside out - you are going to be simply irresistible. Make sure to keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom. It’s vital that you work to translate your sexual aura into sexual prowess when it comes time to actually get physical. This May will really be memorable for you in so many different ways.

Power Position: Seated Wheelbarrow

A modified version of the Wheelbarrow, the Seated Wheelbarrow has the same benefits without the same level of strain needed to maintain the position. To get into the Seated Wheelbarrow have one partner sit on the edge of a bed or chair. From there, the other partner puts their hands on the floor and straddles their partner. While there isn’t a lot of room for different movements in this position, the Seated Wheelbarrow creates deep penetration that easily makes up for any drawbacks this position may have.

Gemini may 2021 sex horoscope 


Gemini - you are usually open and honest about your sex life (often to your partner’s dismay). However, this month you are going to feel the need to be a bit secretive about your bedroom activities. This could be caused by a variety of different things. Regardless of why you’re being more low-key this month, embrace it. Everyone needs to slow things down in the bedroom once in a while, even if you’re naturally unpredictable. 

Power Position: The Double Circle

This position is all about engaging in self-love and solo play. Masturbation is one of the best ways for an overworked Gemini to wind down and relax. The Double Circle is exactly what it sounds like. With one hand, use a finger (or two) to stimulate the clitoris. With the other hand, use another finger to circle the vaginal opening. To receive maximum pleasure, slow down the movements with the hand tracing the vaginal opening. This will be an amazing contrast to the more aggressive stimulation the clit is receiving. It may take a moment to master the movements and different speeds, but it will be totally worth all of the work it took to get there. 

cancer may 2021 sex horoscope


In your past sexual endeavors, Cancer, you have tended to be on the more reserved side. But this month the planetary alignment will embolden you to be fearless in your sexual conquests. You are going to be enthusiastic and assertive about what you want and deserve sexually. You have been hesitant to reveal your true needs in the past, but now is the time to let loose a bit. Embrace spontaneity and the joys that come along with it. It may be rough at first, but you will begin to fall into a steady rhythm as the month continues. 

Power Position: The Arc De Triomphe

This position centers on the impact that oral sex has in the bedroom. The Arc De Triomphe is a slight variation on the more common face-sitting position. Have your partner lay down on the bed, facing towards you. Position yourself as if you’re simply going into the standard face-sitting pose, but when you are here, balance yourself on all fours, leaning on your hands and arching your back a bit. Adjust your hips as your partner is eating you out to hit that sweet spot. This position will boost your likelihood of having multiple orgasms, and once you’ve had your fill, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to return the favor.

leo may 2021 sex horoscope


You are someone that is all about fun in the bedroom, Leo, and May will be no exception to this rule. You are going to find the urge to try out new things in your sex life and see where it will take you. Don’t shy away from this. This is where your sexuality is at its strongest and most useful. You’re not necessarily going to make any new love connections through this, but you will have such an incredible time fooling around that this won’t make any difference to you. 

Power Position: The Kinky Jockey

This position is just as fun as it sounds. Have your partner kneel on all fours. From there, straddle your partner’s hips and begin to pull their hair and rub their clit from behind. Feel free to use as much pressure on either the hair pulling or clit stimulation as you see fit. Make your partner come close, but don’t let them completely finish until you’ve given them permission. To increase your own pleasure, gyrate your clit against their tailbone. 

virgo may 2021 sex horoscope


May is all about clear communication in all aspects of your life, but particularly your sex life, Virgo. You have struggled in the past to reach optimal levels of sexual pleasure because of a lack of communication. Either your partner wasn’t properly communicating, you weren’t, or some combination of the two. Regardless, this month communication will finally properly align. The results will be overwhelmingly good, to say the least. 

Power Position: The Dom-ish

This position will really force you to work on your communication skills in the bedroom. It’s also a great introductory position to take control and ease into domination. Direct the action here and tell your partner what to do. Say things like “touch me here”, “touch me there”, or “kiss me harder”. Really it’s whatever you are really looking for in sex. 

libra may 2021 sex horoscope


Libra - your sex life will enter into an entirely new chapter this month. These changes begin slowly, but as the month carries on, these changes become increasingly faster and more obvious. Your emotions are going to be channeled through your bedroom activities. This is something that you have shyed away from in the past-, butdon’t be afraid to use your emotions to get the most pleasure out of sex possible. You often overlook this aspect of intimacy, but it’s an important part of taking your sexual prowess to the next level. 

Power Position: The Gateway D

Like the name suggests, this is an amazing position when first introducing dildos to your sex life. Have your partner start off by using the dildo to slide in and out of your vagina or even your ass. It’s important to remember that lube is essential to properly use a dildo. While using the dildo make sure to have your partner stimulate your clit, and if you’re feeling up to it, make sure to touch your partner too. 

scorpio may 2021 sex horoscope


Lately things with your sex life have been tense, to say the least, Scorpio. If you’re in a relationship, you have been having more arguments than usual and are maybe going through a bit of a dry spell. On the other hand, if you’re single, all of your recent hookups just have not had the right chemistry. It has been way too long since you’ve had consistent sexual pleasure. It may serve you well to take this task into your own hands. No one knows your body or what you like quite like you do. 

Power Position: Lively Up Yourself

This position is simple, but it will add an entirely new level of pleasure to your masturbation practices. When using your favorite vibrator or dildo, add in some CBD-infused lube or a temperature lube. These special lubes can enhance your solo experience in a myriad of different ways. It can increase blood flow for enhanced sensitivity and deeper arousal. This will really help you step up your self-love skills. 

sagittarius may 2021 sex horoscope


In general you are not afraid to express your needs and wants in the bedroom, Sagittarius. However, this month you are going to feel especially bold when it comes to expressing your fantasies. Don’t be afraid to hold back - your partner will really appreciate your honesty and open communication. Your boldness about your desires will inspire your partner to do the same. You’ll be surprised just how enthusiastic they’ll be about this. Ultimately, this is a perfect recipe for success. 

Power Position: The Pleasing Prop-Up

This position is a great way to heighten levels of penetration and increase the intensity of traditional missionary. It’s a super easy way to spice things up without having to buy anything or do anything too intense. When you’re in a missionary position, prop a pillow under the butt of whoever is on bottom, and have them rest on the pillow so their hips are on a slightly higher angle than before. It might sound too simple to be effective, but when it comes to penetrative sex, it’s all about those angels.

capricorn may 2021 sex horoscope


The warm spring air of May is going to bring out your fun-loving, care-free side, Capricorn! This will make your attractiveness and magnetism heighten to an all-time high. It will be difficult for the people around you not to find your charm irresistible. However, be careful not to try too hard or you will come off as forced. Your sexual partners appreciate the effortlessness of your bedroom endeavors. Don’t overthink things. You are good at what you do, so never think otherwise. 

Power Position: Defying Gravity

This sex position is almost as daring as you are this month. Have your partner sit on the bed or couch and position yourself facing away from them. While facing away from them, kneel and then straddle them. From here, bend yourself in a way where your hips are in the air and you’re using your hands for support. Either wrap your legs around your partner’s waist for more stability or behind their head. Now your partner is going to have nice and open access to eat you out from behind. If you and your partner are feeling extra spicy, incorporate some light butt play or even some ass eating. 

aquarius may 2021 sex horoscope


This month you are going to feel extra sentimental, Aquaries. If you’re dating someone, this will be a good time to visit some of your favorite places together. Whether it’s where you went on your first date or your regular bar, it’ll be good to reminisce together on your past. This will also reignite the passion that was full-blast during the start of your relationship. By no means do you have a dull sex life (quite the opposite), but every once in a while it’s nice to kick things up a notch. 

Power Position: The Freeform

This position is all about taking things slowly. It explores the importance of sensuality and passion in the bedroom. Start off with a long and deep massage for one or both of you. Really work out any lingering tension and explore all parts of your partner’s body. It doesn’t necessarily have to end with a happy ending, but if it does that makes it even that much better. It’s important to remember that not every sexual interaction must end in orgasm. There is sexual pleasure outside of orgasm. 

pisces may 2021 sex horoscope


Towards the middle of the month, Pisces, you are going to have an unexpected burst of intense passion. Whether you’re dating someone or completely single, this will be a game changer for your sex life. It will feel like the world is your oyster. Anything and everything you may have been fantasizing about your sex life has the potential to fully come true. Your partner will be more than willing to help you fulfill these desires - all you have to do is ask. 

Power Position: The X Factor

This position is an electric start to introducing bondage into your sex life. It straddles that fine line between the arousal of trying a new sex act and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Have your partner (or yourself) lay face down in an x-shaped position, with both arms and legs spread apart. Your partner won’t be able to see your movements beforehand, adding an additional level of erotic anticipation. Get creative with the possibilities that position allows for; give oral sex from behind, gently play with their butt, or even slide in from behind. It’s truly the dealer's choice.

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