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November Sex Horoscopes

November Sex Horoscopes

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Are you going to have the sex of your dreams this month? Well, we've got all the November sex horoscopes, so find your sign below:

November sex horoscopes


Aries, you aren’t someone who is known for the ability to compromise, however, November will require that you begin to develop this skill. To better yourself and your partner, use your words to resolve conflict rather than sex. If you’re lucky, this will increase the intimacy with your partner. Instead of your usual fiery approach to sex, you are going to lean into the more sensual and passionate sides of sex. You’ll be able to get so much more out of your sexual experiences if you embrace sensuality and slow, deep movements. It’s definitely not your typical style, but it’s always great to try new things. 

Power Position: Supernova

This position will start off with you lying face-up on the bed. From here, you will move your head, shoulders, and arms to the edge of the bed so that they are hanging upside down over the bed. The blood that is rushing to your head will increase your sensitivity and create a more intense orgasm. Have your partner position themselves in the traditional Cowgirl position, and ride you into orgasmic bliss. 

taurus november sex horoscopes


Your sexual dry spell will finally come to an end in the beginning of November, Taurus! If you trust your natural instinct, your sex life will truly blossom. Take a risk; slide into the DM’s of your internet crush or play out one of your deepest sexual fantasies. While things in the bedroom will heat up in November, be wary of creating relationships or attachments to whoever you’re seeing. Just because you have great sex with somebody, does not necessarily mean that it’s meant to be a long-term relationship. 

Power Position: Magic Mountain

Even though your sex life is heating up this month, the first couple of times with someone new can be a bit awkward. However, this position is almost fail proof. Start by arranging a stack of pillows or cushions and lean your face into the stack and have your body follow the stack’s natural mountain shape. Your partner will then take you from behind. Don’t be afraid to shake this part up a bit - it doesn’t have to be penile penetration, feel free to use a dildo or a vibrator. 



Gemini - this month Mercury is going to elevate your sex appeal and sexual prowess to entirely new levels. November will be filled with flirtatious winks, sexy texts, and endless opportunities for your sex life. Whether or not you’re single or in a relationship, you are going to be exposed to intense sexual tension. Don’t rush into alleviating this tension by jumping into bed right away. By letting the sexual tension brew for a bit, you will be all that more satisfied once you finally give in to your desires. 

Power Position: The Breast Enhancement

This is a relatively simple position, but it is particularly perfect for capitalizing on the natural sexual tension between you and your partner. While your partner is sitting down with their legs slightly apart, kneel facing them so you are close enough that your nipples are touching. Rub your partner’s clit or stroke their penis, with breaks to lick, bite, and suck their nipples. To intensify it, maintain eye contact and tease them longer. 

cancer november sex horoscopes 


Cancer, your natural tendency to be a people pleaser has always led to you giving more in your sexual encounters than you get. As Mercury transitions into Libra during the beginning of November, you will finally be able to ask for what you deserve in bed. And you deserve to orgasm just as much as the person you are having sex with. Don’t be afraid to express exactly what you want and what you need to get there. It’s high time that you receive equal sexual pleasure as your partner. 

Power Position: Mattress Mash Up

Lie flat on your stomach and spread your legs about halfway apart. Your partner will then stretch their body above yours, with their elbows and legs on either side of you. They will then enter you from behind (with a penis or a strap-on or dildo). This position allows for insane amounts of deep penetration and will increase pleasure for all involved - especially you. 

leo november sex horoscopes


Despite the cooler weather approaching in November, you are going to be hotter than ever, Leo. You are going to be filled with some powerful energies of curiosity, sensuality, and lust all month long. Use this energy to your benefit. If you’re in a relationship, amp up the heat in your regular sexual habits. If you’re single, use this energy to have increasingly passionate and pleasurable sexual encounters. The natural intensity of your personality coupled with your heightened sexuality this month will leave your partner dreaming about your encounter for years to come.

Power Position: The Praying Mantis

This underrated sex position will pair beautifully with your natural talents in the bedroom. The Praying Mantis works best with a strap-on, dildo, or a penis. Lay down on the bed and raise one leg into the air, wrapping it over your partner’s shoulder. Your other leg will remain lying flat on the bed creating a 90 degree angle with your legs. The specific angle of this position allows for deep penetration and intense G-spot orgasms. 

virgo november sex horoscopes


As cuffing season begins to rapidly approach, Virgo, make sure that you’re taking advantage of this time of year. If you are harboring romantic or sexual feelings for someone, go for it! With Mercury entering into Libra, the risk of expressing your feelings will be minimal. You will also be able to express your needs in the bedroom with this person, allowing your needs to be fulfilled incredibly. It turns out that dreams really do come true, and in your case, especially sexy ones. 

Power Position: A Private Tour

If you have been curious about rim jobs and the pleasure that goes along with assplay, this is the perfect position for you! Lay flat on your stomach, making sure to relax as much as possible. You can place a pillow under your hips to elevate your bum and give your partner easier access. Your partner can pleasure you as they see fit from here - lick, nibble, and touch all parts of your butt. At the same time either you or your partner can stimulate your clitoris. 

libra november sex horoscopes


Libra! You are finally free from Mercury Retrograde that was dooming your romantic endeavors! Without the detriment of Mercury Retrograde, your natural, light-hearted, and flirty personality will shine. You have been feeling distant from your partner, but November is the perfect time to bring yourself physically and emotionally closer to them. Luckily, your love will happily return these affections. Towards the end of the month you are going to be feeling extra desirable, leading to a boost in your confidence in bed. This will make for some well-deserved, great sex as November comes to an end. 

Power Position: Spooning

This is a classic position to get close and comfortable with your partner. Turning spooning from a simple cuddle into a sex position is an easy transition. The penetrating partner has the control as the “thruster” (since they control the speed and depth of penetration). Your partner can also use their hands to stimulate you elsewhere. It’s also a great position for increased intimacy, as your bodies are very close.

scorpio november sex horoscopes


In the beginning of November you are going to be plagued by indecision, Scorpio. You are questioning any and every choice about your sex life. The possibilities are seemingly endless and a bit overwhelming this month. As November comes to an end you will be more decisive, but be careful not to overdo it and try to control everything in the bedroom. In order for you to fully enjoy sexual pleasure you need to relax and enjoy the moment. 

Power Position: The Blindfold Bang

This is the perfect position for your recent indecision and overthinking. It will literally force you to let go and trust your partner to make decisions for you (or you can choose to be the one in charge of making all the moves). Lay down on your back and have your partner tie a blindfold over your eyes so you can’t see. Depending on your mood, you can either tell your partner what you want them to do, or you can give all control to your partner, leaving you wondering what they’re going to do next.

sagittarius november sex horoscopes


With November comes increased levels of personal sultriness, Sagittarius. You have never really been overly fond of cuddling, spooning, or whispering sweet nothings in your partner’s ear. However, this month you are going to make an exception. You feel a deep connection with your partner, regardless of how long you have been together. This deep bond will translate oh-so-well in the bedroom. There is nothing as good as sex backed by a strong emotional connection. Use this energy to focus on sensuality in bed, and utilize positions that will continue to increase your intimacy.

Power Position: The Seesaw

This sex position is all about eye contact and close, physical touch. Have your partner kneel and rest on their legs or feet. From there straddle their thighs so you are facing them and are able to make direct eye contact. Make sure to hold onto their shoulders or wrap your arms around them for increased closeness and stability. Depending on your mood, you can control the speed of the thrusts by moving up and down or you can leave your partner in charge of thrusting. 

capricorn november sex horoscopes


All of your romantic fantasies and dreams will finally come true this month, Capricorn. Whether or not you’re single or in a relationship, you will really be able to explore your sexual fantasies. You may even discover that what you’re truly looking for in your sex life is hotter and kinkier than you first expected. If you’re nervous to tell your partner what you really want because you’re afraid they won’t want to explore it with you, you’re going to be in store for a wonderful surprise. 

Power Position: The Arm Lock

This position is a great way for you to explore your kinky side. Have your partner pin you down while you lay face-down on the bed. While pressing you down, your partner will hold down your arms so they are exactly where they want them to be. If you want to increase the intensity of this position, your partner can pull your hair and tell you that you are not allowed to move. If you are feeling more dominant, switch positions with your partner. 

aquarius november sex horoscopes


Things will begin to slow down for you in November, Aquarius. This will make room for an intimate environment in your romantic relationships. You always thrive under intimate and close relationships with your sexual partners, but you will begin to think about the bigger picture this month. While you are enjoying where your sex life is currently at, you are going to start to wonder what you really want out of a partner. It may take some time to come to a conclusion, but it will benefit your relationships in the long run to have the bigger picture in the back of your mind. 

Power Position: The Banana Split

To start this position off, lay face-down on the bed with your partner positioned behind you. Once your partner is behind you, wrap your legs around their thighs for stability and control. In this position your face will be on the bed, so feel free to place a pillow under your head. The best part of this pose is the deep penetration that is inherent with it as well as the option for some light butt play.

pisces november sex horoscopes


Your sex drive is going to be all over the place this month, Pisces. You can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for sex or if you just want to fall asleep on the couch. Your ever-changing libido in November is partly due to the decreased amount of sunlight and partly due to the changes that Mercury in Libra directly brings to you. However, as the month wraps up, you are going to be in a consistent mood for sex. Luckily for you, you’ll be able to meet someone that can match your level of sexual energy.

Power Position: The Posterior Plank

This is an amazing introductory position to anal and is a rare position that allows for longevity. Lay face-down and have your partner lay their body above yours, but hover over you with your arms extended. Your partner can then enter you from behind or simply use some butt play. They can use traditional thrusting motions or if they’re in the mood from extra exercise, they can do push-ups that work as their thrusting motion.


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