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October Sex Horoscopes

October Sex Horoscopes

14 minute read

Eager to find out what's in store for your sex life in October? Find your sign and your sex horoscope below...

aries sex horoscope


October is going to be one hell of a sexy month for you, Aries. Regardless of whatever kind of sex you’re having or who you’re having it with, it will be passionate and fiery. October’s Harvest Moon will heighten the intensity of your sex life, and even after it passes, its’ effects will continue to linger all month long. Utilize the passion in your relationships this month to expand your horizons on what qualifies as passion in the bedroom. It may be something as simple as incorporating a variation on one of your favorite sex positions or trying something brand new like bondage.

Power Position: The X Factor

This position is an electric start to introducing bondage into your sex life. It straddles that fine line between the arousal of trying a new sex act and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Have your partner (or yourself) lay face down in an x-shaped position, with both arms and legs spread apart. Your partner won’t be able to see your movements beforehand, adding an additional level of erotic anticipation. Get creative with the possibilities this position allows for; give oral sex from behind, gently play with their butt, or even slide in from behind. It’s truly a dealer’s choice.

taurus sex horoscope 


Taurus, this month you will spend a lot of your time thinking and focusing on the practicality of your relationships, romantic and otherwise. Your tendency towards leading with logic doesn’t necessarily lend itself to an overtly passionate, sexual relationship. However, by grounding yourself in your relationship this month and deepening your bond, this will work to strengthen your connection in the bedroom. Try spicing things up a bit by exploring variations of your go-to sex positions. While these differences may appear to be minute, these slight variations will go a long way in adding some much appreciated sexual variety. 

Power Position: The Arc De Triomphe

This position centers on the impact that oral sex has in the bedroom. The Arc De Triomphe is a slight variation on the more common face-sitting position. Have your partner lay down on the bed, facing towards you. Position yourself as if you’re simply going into the standard face sitting pose, but when you are here, balance yourself on all fours, leaning on your hands and arching your back a bit. Adjust your hips as your partner is eating you out to hit that sweet spot. This position will boost your likelihood of having multiple orgasms, and once you’ve had your fill, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to return the favor.

gemini sex horoscope


For once, you are going to know exactly what you want in bed and how to communicate this. Geminis are known for their communication skills, but they’re also infamous for their fickleness. This month you are going to master both of these traits to your immense benefit. You usually have really fun sex, but your ability this month to specify exactly what you want is going to create life-changing sex for you. And with the mess that has been this year, you really deserve it. Whatever your inclination in the bedroom is, follow it. You won’t regret it.

Power Position: Remote Control Lover

This position is essentially telling your partner exactly what you want them to do to you, how you want them to do it, and when you want them to do it. You are the one in charge in this position, and in every action, you remain in dominance. This is a good way to introduce yourself and your partner to light BDSM. Command your partner’s every move - tell them to bend over for some light spanking, have them masturbate while you watch and tease them, order them to give you oral. The sky's the limit here - it’s whatever you like as long as you have a consenting partner. Consent is the true key to this position. 

cancer sex horoscope


To put it bluntly, Cancer, you just aren’t going to be in the mood or have the time for sex this month. Sex is a wonderful and fulfilling thing, but for you especially, it’s not the end all, be all. There are so many things outside of sex that are fulfilling for you. In some months, sex takes center stage, and other months (like this one) it’s an afterthought. On the rare occasions that you are actually feeling a bit horny, don’t feel obligated to use a partner. You’ll feel just as satisfied having sex with yourself.

Power Position: The Pretend Lover

The Pretend Lover is a total power position for masturbation. Go ahead and grab your favorite dildo, place it on the floor, a chair, or the bed and essentially fuck the shit out of it, as if it was a physical penis. Really let yourself go - rock back and forth as much as you please, rubbing your clit as you go along. If you aren’t able to orgasm with just penetration (like the majority of the people with vaginas) this penetration will still feel oh, so good. You can always add a vibrator on your clit! It will also help you be more expressive in bed with a partner if you’re naturally more withdrawn. 

leo sex horoscope


Leo - October is the perfect month for you to take a deep dive into your wild side and test out your sexual prowess on some new partners. If you are single or in an open relationship, it is a good time for you to branch out and have some one night stands or casual hookups. It’ll be easier for you to connect with others than usual, creating a perfect opportunity to explore your sexuality with new players. It’s not necessary to have one night stands or hookups to fully explore your sexuality, but it can be a useful and fun tool. 

Power Position: Reverse Cowgirl

This classic sex position is perfect for getting the most out of one night stands. Face your partner’s feet and lower yourself down onto their penis, dildo, or strap-on. Go as slowly or as quickly as is comfortable for both you and your partner. This position only works if both of you are comfortable with each motion and speed. If you’re going at a fast pace, feel free to brace yourself with your hands to keep the pleasure going all night long. This position gives all of the power of doggy style, but still provides you with enough control to influence how the sexual encounter goes. 

virgo sex horoscope


This month’s Harvest Moon will bring you some trials and tribulations in the romance department, Virgo - but these challenges will only serve to help you grow. If you’re in a relationship, channel these frustrations into your sex life. You’ll be able to translate your life’s frustration into pure sexual bliss. If you are single, feel free to explore the wilds of internet dating - it will be a much welcomed distraction for you. Nothing serious will come from your online dating endeavors, but sometimes, the best part of online dating is how light-hearted and carefree it can be. You haven’t had enough carefree sex as of late, and you truly deserve it. 

Power Position: About Face

In the time of Covid-19, casual hookups need an additional level of protection outside of condoms. This position is perfect to minimize you and your partner’s exposure to heavy breathing and droplet-spreading that traditionally comes with sex. Have your partner sit down and lean backwards a bit on their hands, while you simultaneously sit down on your favorite dildo, strap-on, or even your partner’s penis. As you are lowering down on your partner’s lap, add in your favorite vibrator to stimulate your clit to receive maximum bliss. 

libra sex horoscope


During October, Libra, you are going to be increasingly focused on the importance of self-love. You are normally very good at loving and appreciating yourself, but this doesn’t usually translate into a physical form of self-love. So, this month your main emphasis is going to be yourself and what your body wants from sexual pleasure. Treat yourself this month - invest in a new vibrator or take time to have a sexy and sensual bath or take time to masturbate and appreciate every single curve of your own body. Even with the best of partners, no one knows your body as well as you do, and no one can make you orgasm quite like how you can make yourself orgasm. 

Power Position: The Slide Dish

During your month of masturbatory self-love, this position will be perfect in helping you explore every part of your body. Specifically, this position centers on exploring the pleasure of ass play. While laying down on your side and using lube, begin stimulating your clit with one finger at first, then slowly incorporating a second finger. When you start getting close to orgasm, slow down and finger yourself (or use your favorite dildo or insertable vibrator). When you again are almost ready to orgasm, ease back once more, but this time lower your fingers or toys further down to start exploring your butt. Slide a lubed up finger in the back or incorporate a butt plug. Whatever you choose, the additional level of stimulation will make for an epic orgasm when you finally do climax. 

scorpio sex horoscope 


You have been feeling extremely lonely lately, Scorpio. It’s been hard for you to feel like the people in your life are acknowledging you in a meaningful way, which in turn, is making you feel neglected. If you’re currently single, this feeling will be exacerbated. While it is super easy for you to let this feeling consume you, it’s important to self-validate your own feelings; otherwise it will affect all aspects of your life, especially your sex life. Sex is one of the things that brings you the most pleasure, so it’s necessary for you to be able to maintain the intensity when all other aspects of your life are so emotionally-draining. 

Power Position: Sticky Fingers

You don’t need anyone or anything to have an amazing time in bed. October will be a good month for you to explore how you can best pleasure yourself so that when you are alone or feeling isolated, you can still have sexual pleasure. This position is a simple one, but oh so hot. Start off by slowly tapping your clit. It's best if you aren’t using lube right away, the natural tackiness will be a great starting point. Stop and go when touching your clit, and while it might not get you going right away, keep going at it and increase the intensity. Now add lube in, and begin rubbing your clit in circular motions - which will give way to waves and waves of pleasure and orgasms. 

sagittarius sex horoscope


Sagittarius, October is the month for you to expand your sexual horizons. You’re going to be in a lighthearted, romantic, and sexual mood all month - so you really need to take advantage of this. If you’re in a relationship, dedicate time specifically for intimate moments without any outside interruptions. And if you’re single, explore what’s out there. The best sex often comes from people and places we would least expect it. Regardless of your relationship status, you will greatly benefit from trying out some new moves in bed this month. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s even more so when it comes to sex. 

Power Position: The Counter Service

This position is all about making a quickie as hot and simple as possible. Not every time you have sex has to be a long, drawn out thing. Short sessions have the ability to be just as hot. This position is just three easy steps: proceed to the nearest counter or table, pull down your pants or lift up your skirt, and then bend your partner over. You can use any of your favorite toys here or you can go for some oral from behind. It’ll be hot regardless of what sex act you decide to take. 

capricorn sex horoscope


October is going to be all about work for you this month, Capricorn. This will be great for your career, but unfortunately, will be detrimental to your sex life. Truthfully, you won’t have a lot of time to specifically dedicate to sex this month, so the time that you are able to set aside, you really need to make the most of. If you’re in a committed relationship you’ll need to schedule time for sex to maintain your standard intimacy with your partner. If you’re single, sex will simply just be a great way for you to release some of that tension you’ve been building from work.

Power Position: The Kinky Jockey

This position is just as fun as it sounds. Have your partner kneel on all fours. From there, straddle your partner’s hips and begin to pull their hair and rub their genitals from behind. Feel free to use as much pressure on either the hair pulling or stimulation as you see fit. Make your partner come close to orgasm, but don’t let them completely finish until you’ve given them permission. To increase your own pleasure gyrate your clit against their tailbone. 

aquarius sex horoscope


You are going to be feeling insanely sexually adventurous this month, Aquarius! Even if you are a little hesitant to embrace your fearless sexuality, push those initial hesitancies aside. It’s time that you finally do all of the sex acts that you have been dreaming of. Go ahead and test out your BDSM fantasies, and try being tied up - or if you have a consenting partner (or two), engage in group sex. Whatever you have been fantasizing about, this month is your time to act on your desires. You will not regret it - the only thing that you will regret is not having done it sooner. 

Power Position: Defying Gravity 

This sex position is almost as daring as you are this month. Have your partner sit on the bed or couch, and position yourself facing away from them. While facing away, kneel and straddle them. From here, bend yourself in a way where your hips are in the air and you’re using your hands for support. Either wrap your legs around your partner’s waist for more stability or behind their head for oral access to eat you out from behind. If you’re both feeling extra spicy, incorporate some light butt play or some ass-eating. 

pisces sex horoscope


Pisces - along with the falling leaves that October will bring, it will also bring you a heightened sense of intimacy in the bedroom. Whether you are currently single or have been in a committed relationship for years, this month you will feel a larger bond and a bigger sense of intimacy than you ever have before. Naturally, this will translate amazingly in the bedroom. Intimate and passionate sex isn’t usually your go to, but all month long this kind of sex will be a regular occurrence for you. It’ll be a really nice change of pace compared to your usual sexual standbys. 

Power Position: The Pleasing Prop-Up

This position is a great way to heighten levels of penetration and increase the intensity of traditional missionary. It’s a super easy way to spice things up without having to invest in anything or try something too intense. When you’re in missionary position, prop a pillow under the butt of whoever is on bottom so their hips are on a slightly higher angle than before. It might sound too simple to be effective, but when it comes to penetrative sex, it’s all about those angels.


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