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Everything You Need to Know About Penis Health

Everything You Need to Know About Penis Health

Jordan Vecchio Jordan Vecchio
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If you have a penis or care about someone who does, you probably want to ensure your or their penis maintains good health and is as strong as possible.


The penis is more interesting and complex than you might think. It is sensitive and responsive to your physical and mental states as well as external stimuli, both negative and positive. So it’s essential to know what you can do to take good care of your penis. It will be with you for a lifetime.


What is Typical

The most common questions and concerns people have about penises are about shape, size, erections, and ejaculation. And it’s no wonder because we are bombarded with messages about penises, such as references like “BDE” (big dick energy), copious prescriptions for little blue pills, and unrealistic penis performances in mainstream porn. Remember, the penises you see in mainstream porn are actors.


Your penis (or your partner's) is perfect exactly as it is. Seriously. But still you may wonder what is typical, anyway? To make sure you are in the know, here are a few nuggets of penis knowledge:


- The average length of an erect penis is five to five and a half inches.

- On average, the volume of ejaculate emitted is about one-half to one teaspoon.

- The woefully limited research on time-to-ejaculation suggests it is around five to seven minutes.

- Penises come in various designs. Some are circumcised, and some are not. Some are curved, and some are straight. Some are wide at the base and narrower at the tip, and some narrow at the base and wider at the tip. And so on.


How to Keep a Penis Healthy

Keeping a penis healthy involves simple daily maintenance as well as periodic check-ups. 


Obviously, basic penis hygiene is essential. Wash your entire groin area every time you bathe. This includes your perineum, scrotum, pubic mound, shaft, and under the foreskin, if you have it. Use a mild soap that is non-irritating and warm, not hot, water. What you do with your pubic hair is a personal choice, but whatever you do, use caution to avoid nicks and scrapes, especially if you have diabetes.

STI Testing

It’s crucial for you and your partner(s) to stay on top of testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). As a reminder, some STDs and STIs don’t have visual symptoms. If anything comes up, consult with a medical provider to learn the best ways to treat, manage, and prevent STDs and STIs.


Testing may not be the most exciting penis health routine, but it is empowering to know your status. As always, be proactive about making sex safer for you and your partner.

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Your penis goes through all of the changes in your life right along with you. This means your penis and how it functions will probably change over time due to age, lifestyle, medications, hormone levels, and other relational, mental, and physical factors. 


It’s best to know what is normal for you, get regular check-ups, monitor any changes, and consult with an appropriate helping professional such as a doctor, therapist, or coach if needed. If you experience pain, bruising, inflammation, unusual discharge, or priapism, get checked out ASAP (yes, you can break your penis). If you have difficulties or sudden changes with erections (including morning wood) or ejaculation, see a specialist. Often, penis health is an indicator of overall health, so it may be trying to tell you something important. 


How to Keep a Penis Strong

There are many products out there claiming to improve erections. Approach these products cautiously, as many make unrealistic claims and have potentially dangerous side effects. 


Pelvic floor exercises are the most effective and safe option for improving erections and overall sexual function accessible to everyone. Here is a video tutorial and an article on how to do pelvic floor exercises that work.


The best thing you can do to keep your penis strong is to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle. Physically, erections are supported by the fitness of the pelvic floor muscles and blood flow in the penis.


You probably already know what to do. Eat a balanced diet that helps you maintain a healthy weight and prevent heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. And be sure to eat fruits and veggies. Research suggests consuming foods that are rich in flavonoids supports erectile function.


Exercise regularly. Get good sleep. And keep vices to a minimum. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in excess are bad for blood flow. 


Even if everything is in tip-top shape physically, emotions and relationships affect erections and orgasms. Manage day-to-day stress and anxiety because chronic stress is a huge antagonist to sexual desire and arousal. And address any unresolved issues in your relationship with your sexual partner(s).

So if you have a penis or care about someone who does, remember the penis needs attention and care to stay healthy, strong, and happy.

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