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Our Favorite Queer Instagram Influencers

Our Favorite Queer Instagram Influencers

Ula Klein Ula Klein
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From daily sex affirmations, racial and gender equality, and any how-to you could ever need, here is a list of queer-identifying sex influencers that we love on Instagram.


Casey Tanner - @queersextherapy

queer influencers sex therapy casey tanner

CEO of The Expansive Group and co-host/producer of Safeword podcast, Casey Tanner (they/them) is a AASECT-certified sex therapist focused on breaking down the harmful impacts of purity culture and systemic homophobia on one’s sense of self. Tackling themes related to sex, relationships, gender and more, Casey works to expand insight and influence around gender and sexuality with free sex and gender education through their instagram and Tiktok.


Keanu M. Jackson - @theblackqueertherapist

queer influencers instagram

Radical social worker, sex therapist, and racial equity educator Keanu M. Jackson (he/they) only recently started his professional instagram, but man, is he one to watch! Keanu is part of The Expansive Group, a group of therapists focused on liberating sexuality, gender, and relationships.


Sex and kink positive, anti-oppressive, and queer-affirming with a strong emphasis on racial equity in sex spaces, Keanu’s work is focused on healing the mind-body connection and understanding the way that cultural and social expectations have informed our relationships with our bodies.


Kiana - @healingisimperfect

queer instagram influencers

Erotic coach, writer, and sex worker Kiana (she/they) is a pleasure activist and mentor focused on liberating and uplifting the queer community and fighting anti-blackness through storytelling, writing, performance and more. 


As a descendant of a lineage of sex workers, Kiana emphasizes a need for safe environments where sex workers can find comfort in their sexuality. In a POV article, Kiana wrote for Lustery, she explains, “Sex work shows me the healing power that consensual, mutually empowering sensual experiences can hold. It proves to me that marginalized folks want and deserve spaces to reclaim their sexuality.”


Sakshi Tickoo -

queer instagram influencers sakshi tickooHealth and wellness sexologist and occupational therapist Dr. Sakshi Tickoo (she/her) is the author of Sex Care, a self-help guide to sexual wellness and pleasure. Dr. Sakshi is an advocate for pleasure-centric sexual education that is accessible, queer-affirming, trauma-informed, and disability-inclusive.

Based in Mumbai, India, she provides virtual consultations and sexpert advice to empower people to explore, experiment, and experience pleasure with confidence.


Irma - @sexedwithirma

queer influencers sex ed with irma instagram

Certified sex educator, doula, and abortion advocate Irma Garcia (she/her) is focused on providing a sex-positive outlet for BIPOC in the Southern U.S. through her instagram account Dirty South Sex Ed. Her work centers around the idea that marginalized communities in the South have suffered injustices at the hands of Southern conservative/purity culture.


She believes that sexual health information has the power to revolutionize wellness in marginalized communities and that prioritizing body autonomy and pleasure in BIPOC communities is an act of self-care that is necessary to heal the generations of trauma that have been inflicted on marginalized peoples.


Zhana Vrangalova - @drzhana

queer influencers instagram dr zhana

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova (she/her) is a professor of sexuality at NYU. Her career has been centered on understanding unconventional sexual desires and how they can be practiced safely and ethically. Creator of the Sexual Authenticity Model, Dr. Zhana’s research in the field of sexuality addresses the social stigmas and misinformation that surround unconventional human desires including polyamory, kinks, sex parties, and more.


Dr. Zhana believes that everyone deserves access to accurate information about the wide array of sexual desires, and that these desires can be practiced without shame or guilt.

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