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Best Sex Positions Based on Your Enneagram Type

Best Sex Positions Based on Your Enneagram Type

Jess Bovee Jess Bovee
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If you haven’t already taken the Enneagram, follow this quick quiz for a glimpse into yourself, and, soon, your sex life. Once you’ve discovered your type, and possibly your partner’s, look below to find some sex positions for each enneagram type to intensify your evening. 


Type 1: The Reformer 

Known for their principles and attention to perfection, the Reformer likes to master the classics like these:

The Missionary 

This position is a perfect go-to where the Reformer can feel connected to their partner and maximize stimulation. 


Or, try an elevated missionary style like butterfly where the receiver lays on the bed with legs up while the penis-owner or strap-on-owner enters them while standing. 


Type 2: The Helper 

Enneagram Type 2 likes to give, and typically focuses on their partner’s favorites to ensure pleasure. So, try these:


Vagina-owners can try this position by squatting down with their feet to the side of their penis-owning (or strap-on-wearing) partner and slowly ride them, which is also an incredible leg workout. ;)


The giver can try this position with the receiver on their back and legs open as they enter them alongside clitoral stimulation with their hands or a toy. 


Type 3: The Achiever 

The Achiever likes to wow their partner sexually and beyond. Go for…


Because of type 3's drive to impress, oral sex is always a great go-to that all parties can enjoy.

The Surprise 

3's like to make their partner swoon, so take your partner by surprise and try the standing-up position for a challenge that’s sure to excite you both. If this is your partner’s type, try throwing in some encouraging language about how good they feel or that you like what they’re doing. 


Type 4: The Individualist 

With the desire to make a splash, the Individualist does well with a higher number of position changes. Add these to the mix:

Reverse Cowgirl

They prefer more emotion and kink, so try reverse cowgirl, and add props or lingerie to craft your ideal scene.

Leg and Stand Up 

Or, try this position in the shower where the receiver opens themself up with one leg slightly elevated so that the giver can get deeper as the hot water and steam dramatizes the morning quickie. 

 sex positions enneagram

Type 5: The Investigator 

Type 5's like to explore their partner and the act of sex, which is why you should try these out:

The Blindfold 

Try blindfolding one or both of you and explore body and genital exploration with stimulation that isn’t necessarily aimed for orgasm, but rather a slow burn with building anticipation.

Anal Play 

Consider using doggy-style to explore anal play that’s focused on unlocking new sensations. Be sure to add props and a good anal lube to support your investigations.


Type 6: The Loyalist 

6's like to feel intimacy and connection with their partner, which is why deep, forward-facing positions are best for the Loyalist. You should try…

The Wrap-around

The receiver wraps their legs around their partner as they sit down and both partners pull into each other.

Tantric Sex Positions

You can slow it down even more with tantric sex practices, which is a more meditative form of sex that’s about surrendering to the sexual journey. It usually involves syncing your breathing and eye-gazing. Here are 10 tantric sex positions you should try!


Type 7: The Enthusiast 

Known as more of a wild card, the Enthusiast is usually excited to try new positions, props, and locations.

Safe Bondage 

Safety first, 7's, so try seat belt bondage with you or your partner's wrists in the car so one partner is secured in the backseat while the giver thrusts.


Or, pull out the Kama Sutra and explore new and old techniques, like the tried and true 69. 


Type 8: The Challenger 

The Challenger isn’t afraid to take charge, making them perfect for more dominating positions like these:


Try doggy style and add suit ties or ropes for the hands and/or feet to keep your partner where you want them. 

Private Dance 

Or, have the receiver sit on a penis or strap-on-owner while they sit on the side of the bed for a private lap dance that quickly turns into deep penetration. 


Type 9: The Peacemaker 

Because of 9's attention to balance and harmony, they like to keep the effort and pleasure equal for both sides.

To the Side 

Spooning sex where the penis or strap-on-owner enters the receiver from behind as they lay on their sides can send both parties into ecstasy.


Or, try the straddle for mutual stimulation and connection where the receiver raises one leg up as the giver thrusts while pushing against the one leg to open them up to further pleasure. Seek out a water-based lube to add ease to you and your partner’s natural back and forth.

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