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10 Tantric Sex Positions You Should Try

10 Tantric Sex Positions You Should Try

5 minute read

by Hakima Tantrika

You’ve probably heard about tantra and how it can benefit your sex life. Maybe you read our article about tantric sex and are now wondering where to start, which positions to try. Fear not! We came up with a list of ten positions that are worth trying.


Many people visualize the Kama sutra when they think about tantric sex. It is an ancient Sanskrit illustrated guide on sex education, containing exotic (and challenging) sexual positions. However, tantric sex is not directly linked to the Kama sutra since it doesn't start with penetration. The goal of tantric sex is to slowly build up sexual energy. Nevertheless, you can get inspired by the Kama sutra once you reach the moment of penetration.


Before diving into the ten positions, there are a few things to remember that make a huge difference:


- Tantric sex is about connection and intimacy, so make sure to maintain eye contact with your partner. Eyes are the gateway to the soul!

- You can use pillows to support and relax your neck or hips since you want to be comfortable for a long period of time.

- Some positions involve penetration, but for most of them, penetration is optional. You can use a sex toy if you’d like, but generally, friction of the genitals is enough to raise sexual energy. 

- Be playful and switch back and forth between the positions. 

- Synchronize your breathing to raise the flow of sexual energy.

- Relax and enjoy a blissful experience.

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Top 10 Tantric Sex Positions

1. Parvati’s Dance

This position involves penetration. Parvati is a Hindu goddess who loves to dance with her husband, the god Shiva. One person lies on their back while the penis/dildo-user squats over them. Their legs should be bent and feet flat on the ground. You can guess who has the power in this position.

2. The Rolling Tickles

In this position, the receiver lies on their back with their knees to the chest. The giver or penis/dildo-user kneels in front, resting their hands on their partner's thighs. If you choose penetration, the receiver can move their thighs up and down. 

3. Yab-Yum

This is a classic position when you think of tantric sex. One partner sits on the other, wrapping their legs around their lower back. From here, rock back and forth with or without penetration while gazing into each other’s eyes. 

4. The Tiger

This position can also be referred to as tantric spooning! One partner lies on their side with their legs bent toward their chest. The other lies behind, embracing their partner's waist and hips. If you choose to penetrate in this position, make sure that the thrusts are not too strong, as it could become uncomfortable for the receiver. Give a little head twist to make eye contact from time to time.

5. The Dolphin

Similar to the rolling tickles, one person lies on their back. Their legs are wrapped around their partner's hips. The other person kneels and lifts the bottom of the laying person.

6. Kali on the Ball 

Kali is another Hindu goddess, and the ball is her partner (no pun intended). In this position, one partner sits on the floor and the other squats over their lap, back facing their chest. The one who squats grabs their partner's legs while the other holds their partner's chest in order to keep balance. Then, both should move back and forth slowly.

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7. The Waterfall

This position requests a bit of flexibility. One partner pushes themselves to the edge of the bed/chair, letting their upper body hang on the floor. Only the lower body lies on the bed. You can use a pillow to get more comfortable. The other partner sits on their beloved and takes commands.

8. Shiva's Dance

This is a standing position in which one partner gets carried. In this position, you can enjoy the closeness of each other's body and look deep into one another's eyes. This is an exercise that promotes trust. 

9. Tantric Missionary

This is the tantric missionary position! The difference is that you look deeply into each other's eyes, bring your lips close, and embrace each other firmly. As you breathe deeply, you can fall into a deep state of relaxation and excitement at the same time.


10. Oral Love

Honor your partner with your mouth. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and connect with the sensations. It might sound difficult to breathe out through your mouth while performing oral love, but actually, it isn’t too hard! The air you exhale on your partner’s genitals will ultimately enhance their sensations! 



Give these positions a try, and get some lube if you decide to add penetration to the experience.

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