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The Hottest Places to Have Sex

The Hottest Places to Have Sex

5 minute read

by Hakima Tantrika

Sure, a comfortable mattress and quality linens are great for a good night sleep. But after awhile, sex can become dull and routine. You could even say boring. We all secretly like to fantasize about our sex lives. A great way to spice it up is by making a list of places to have sex and crossing them off one at a time.

So now is the time to move out of the bedroom and into a new location. Put the kids to bed, or even better, send them for a sleepover. Put the dog in the crate, close the laptop, switch your phone to silent, and get your groove on. 

Try our top ten places to reconnect with your partner, increase the heat, and get the sizzle back into your sex life.

On The Staircase

While sex on the stairs isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, this is one unusual location that really delivers. You don’t need the flexibility of a yoga master, or to contort yourself into a weird position. With your partner thrusting from behind, stay steady by holding on to the stair above you. This also leaves you open for a little extra stimulation (if you want to add a vibrator in). Just watch out for those carpet burns on the knees!

Public Parking

Nothing adds excitement like the threat of being caught having sex in public. Car parks have that sense of the unknown - especially at night when you don’t know who is lurking in the shadows. Find that perfect spot. It might be a lovers lane or a multi-story car park. Lock the doors, recline those seats, and start steaming up those windows.

couple making out outside of car

In The Library

Remember the days of your first crush, swapping secret glances in the school library? Ignite your passion among the tall stacks of books containing stories of love, sex, and desire. Read passages to each other from your favorite romantic novels. Wear your old college sweatshirt or jacket to add some nostalgia to the occasion. Most importantly, keep the volume down.

Local Park

Whether it’s fun on the swings, the slide or under a tree, your local park can be a great place for an exciting romantic encounter. The anticipation of being in public only amps up the passion. Bring a picnic basket packed with sex-enhancing treats like chocolate-covered strawberries. Don’t forget the bug spray and a blanket to lie on. If you are feeling a bit shy, then an umbrella is an excellent tool to keep prying eyes away.

In Front of a Mirror

Indulge in some cheeky voyeurism at home. See how sexy it is when you both get to watch. Strike a pose in front of your closet, bathroom or hallway mirror. The excitement you get from watching yourself naked will only heighten your sense of pleasure. And you never know, a mirror might help you in figuring out some of those kama sutra positions you have wanted to try.

On the Kitchen Table

They say the way to a lover’s heart is through food. A staple of every romantic movie is the kitchen table sex scene. Clear those dishes away and get ready to sizzle in your own cinematic performance. Use your refrigerator for inspiration. For a delicious taste sensation, spread chocolate or whipped cream over your partner. Dinner parties will never be the same. ;)

Against a Window

Ranked as a must do by hotel guests around the world, this little tip gets you in the mood in no time at all. Sex up against a window is empowering. It can make you feel as if you are king of the world. So pull back those curtains, and press your naked body up against the glass. If you are at home, make sure you choose a time when you are not in view of the neighbors eating dinner.

girl ready to have sex in front of window

On a Soft Rug

What is it about a fur rug and a roaring fire that screams sex!? Get in the mood by changing date night on the couch and swapping it for the floor. Pile up the pillows and cushions, and grab a soft blanket or comforter. Dim the lights, and put on some smooth tunes or a romantic movie.

In a Tent

You don’t need to leave home to experience the great outdoors. Pitch a tent in the backyard, or make your own teepee with a couple of blankets for a romantic night under the stars. Swap the open fire with a barbecue and roast marshmallows under the stars.

Create Your Own Spa

We all love to be pampered. Turn your bathroom into a spa by setting the mood with soft lighting or candles. Fill the tub with warm water for a generous soak. Add bath bombs or essential oils for that extra glamour. Wine and a sexy playlist to get you relaxed and in the mood.

Sometimes all you need is a new setting or location to get your juices flowing. Get creative in your own home. Simple things like changing up the lighting can make a huge difference. Experiment with different positions, and have fun! 


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