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Sex Games to Play Tonight

Sex Games to Play Tonight

Jess Bovee Jess Bovee
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Most of us are attracted to novel experiences. Researchers have actually associated this desire for novelty with optimal health. They found that those who seek out new experiences are not just happier, but they also live longer.


One’s sex life can be a pleasurable opportunity to explore the novelty of sex and the intimacy they share with themselves and their partner. So, whether you’re competitive or looking to shake things up, sex games may be the playful answer you’ve been waiting for to spice up your pillow talk and elevate your well-being. This way, everyone wins in the end.


Let the sex games begin!


Truth or Dare 

Everyone remembers this classic from late-night sleepovers and school field trips. Truth or dare can easily adapt to any setting, including the bedroom.


Try coming up with playful ways to bring you and you partner closer as you ask them about their deepest fantasies, or dare them to give you their best lap dance. This can be as playful or sensual as you make it, and don’t be afraid to get risqué.


Consider starting the game in the morning and message one another with truth or dares that get you both excited for the evening grand finale of the game where both of you finish.


Strip Poker 

If you’re looking to get lucky, strip poker is another fool-proof way to heat things up. All you need is a deck of cards and to be fully clothed. Instead of betting money, you discard articles of clothing when you lose a round of Texas hold’em.


Maintaining your poker face every hand may prove hard as each of you slowly undress and feel the tension of the game take both of you over.


Role Playing  

Role playing involves you and your partner taking on a character that often adds a layer of mystery and exploration.


While some may worry about the idea of pretending to be someone else, one marriage and family therapist that specializes in sex, Caitlyn Caracciolo, says it’s all about trust. She finds that this sex game can indicate emotional and physical safety within the relationship while allowing each person to express themself in a new way.


Try method acting and start early in the day as you text one another or stage a meet up at a bar in character to intensify the foreplay.

Paint Strokes 

Get creative with your partner and incorporate a non-toxic paint into your evening plans. This could be one person embodying the muse while the other paints them, or both of you making love on a large ream of paper to craft a sexy masterpiece. 


This game pairs well will sexual activity as both sex and creativity are linked to innovation, says sexuality educator, Jay Wiseman. Unleash your sexual prowess and inner artist as you intertwine your creativity to make something new together. 


No Peeking 

Using a blind fold can be a way to raise your senses and the stakes as you limit one or both of your viewpoints.


While one of you is blindfolded, the other can use their touch or other textures to explore your body in a sensual and playful way. Or, you can both blindfold each other and use your hands to navigate one another as you increase anticipation and sensitivity.

No Touching 

Reignite your teenage angst with this sex game that’s sure to get hot and heavy. Remain clothed and only kiss without undressing or fondling the other. The restraint of a steamy make-out sesh is sure to breed impatience as each kiss grows more passionate.


The first one to crack loses, and gets to pleasure the other first.


Erotic Exchange

A gift exchange can be fun way to introduce new elements while expressing love. You may experiment with new lingerie, ropes, candles, or toys that vibrate. Consider playing with temperature and add cooling or heating lubricants, or even ice cubes to tantalize the senses.


Props can be a way to incorporate something novel alongside the comfort and safety between you and your partner. 

And, remember, this is just a list to get you started. Let your minds run wild as you reinvent the sex wheel that you and your partner are steering with a newfound sex drive. 

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