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What Do Your Sex Dreams Mean?

What Do Your Sex Dreams Mean?

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Many of us have woken up in the morning flushed and dare we say, a little turned on, after a vivid sex dream. These dreams are pretty self-explanatory when your partner in the dream is your partner or crush in real life. BUT sometimes the partner in your dreams can be a little surprising! Don’t worry - it doesn't necessarily mean what you think! Here is what you need to know about your confusing sex dreams.


Sex with your ex 

Having a sex dream about your ex can make you think you still have feelings for that person. The good news is that that's not necessarily true. If you still haven't found a relationship as meaningful as that relationship, it could mean you miss the connection you had with that person. You may need to give your new relationship time or realize that it might not be the relationship for you. If you haven't been with anybody else, it could just mean that you are missing the sex or intimacy you used to have with your ex. You might need to put yourself out there and open yourself up to new connection.


Sex with your friend

You and your friend have been platonic forever. You've never crossed a line, and you don't plan on it. So why did this person end up in your sex dream? Most of the time, this simply means that you feel a deep connection with this person. It does not necessarily involve a physical or sexual connection at all. You can let your guard down and be vulnerable with them - sex is a physical representation of this. It's up to you whether you want to share your dream with them - maybe avoid some awkwardness? Or if you're cool like that, you can laugh about it together.


Sex with someone you hate 

There may be a night where you have a passionate encounter - in your dreams - with someone that you actually really don't like in real life. This person obviously ignites a passionate response from you, and your mind just might be somewhat confused. There's a thin line between love and hate. Don't let yourself get confused in real life as well. Most of the time, the dream means that you want to find a common ground with this person in some way. Sex is just the way your brain is trying to connect with this person in your dreams. Maybe it's time to grab a coffee and talk things out with this person. It's clearly on your mind.


Sex with someone of a gender you're not normally attracted to

If you have a sex dream about someone who identifies as a gender that you are not normally attracted to, it could be a sign that you're potentially interested in something new! Exploring your sexuality is an ongoing process that can help you learn more about yourself, and that is really exciting. More often that not, this dream actually is a sign of your admiration of the person you're dreaming of. You may see qualities in this person that you would like to exhibit yourself.

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Sex with your boss

Your boss is in a position of power over you. Frankly, that can be quite attractive. You also want to please them. Furthermore, you may want to work with your boss and develop a closer relationship, professionally. This could be a sign to learn to communicate better. This dream can also be interpreted that you see leadership qualities within yourself, and you should work on developing them. Have confidence in your leadership potential, and push yourself forward in your career.


Failure during sex

You may have a sex dream where you end up falling short in the love-making department. You may not be able to perform for a number of different reasons and end up disappointing your partner in your dream. This may be a sign that you have a fear of failure. Look into areas of your life where you may feel inadequate. You may also be afraid of disappointing others in your life. Failing is okay. It's what you do after that matters. Get out there and slay it to help make these dreams disappear.


Sex with a celebrity

Celebrities are special. Sleeping with a celebrity means that you also want to be and feel special. Maybe you're feeling like life has gotten a bit monotonous. This is your subconscious telling you it's time to spice up your life. Try something new, have the courage to follow your goals and ambitions. You'll never regret trying.



Sex dreams are a completely natural part of life. It can drive us crazy when the sex dream involves someone unexpected. Ultimately, you don't have to lose sleep over it. Dreams are a way for the brain and subconscious to process what's going on in your life during the day. It doesn't mean that they should be taken literally. So, dream away!

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