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6 Facts About Lube That You Need to Know

6 Facts About Lube That You Need to Know

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In our society, lube used to have (and still sometimes does have) a bad reputation as a scapegoat for women who can’t “get wet.” We know that this is absolutely false and shows a serious lack of sexual education in our society. Everyone can benefit from personal lubricant! BUT - there are some things you should know first - and we’re here to walk you through all the facts of the beautiful world of lube!


1. Lube enhances pleasure for EVERYONE!

Contrary to popular belief, lube is not just a tool to compensate for a woman’s inability to produce natural vaginal lubrication. It is actually a magical liquid for anyone, no matter their gender! Lube intensifies pleasure for penis and vagina owners by reducing friction! It’s a total win-win. Pro tip: Put a drop of lube in the tip of a condom before putting it on - it will increase pleasure and can make an erection last longer.


2. Not all lubes are created equal.

There are actually different types of lube! The three main kinds are water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based.


Water-based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are the most popular and versatile option. You can use them with or without condoms, with sex toys, and for any sexual act. It can actually decrease your risk for condom-breakage. Water-based lubricants wash off easily with water, but you may need to apply more often because they are not as long-lasting as other kinds. The entire Lubilicious lube line is comprised of water-based lubricants.


Oil-based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants are typically made from plant-based oils with added thickeners for a naturally slippery feel. They are long lasting, BUT they tend to be messy to use, and due to the oils, can stain your sheets and clothing. Beware of products with baby oil, Vaseline, or coconut oil!! These ingredients can disrupt the natural PH balance in your vagina and can lead to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. You also CANNOT use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms.


Silicone-based lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are extremely slippery and long-lasting, which can be both good and bad. Due to the nature of silicone, this lube is hypo-allergenic, good for ultra sensitive skin, and doesn't need to be re-applied as often. Just note - it can be a bit messy to use. Silicone-based lubricants are perfect for shower sex; however, you cannot use them with silicone sex toys.

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3. There are TONS of lube options!

Want to spice up your lube usage!? Heat things up in the bedroom with a warming lubricant! Feel the freeze with a cooling lubricant! Want to add another sense? Try some flavored lube! Your options are endless, which really means that you have a LOT of exploring to do :)


4. Lube can actually make sex safer.

Yes, you read that right! The best of the lube facts! When used with a condom, lube can help reduce your chance of pregnancy and STI’s! Lube reduces friction. That lessens the chance of condom-breakage, which saves you from a whole world of trouble! Just remember - not all lubes are condom-safe. Lube also reduces your chance of any skin tears, making your likelihood for contracting STIs lower!


5. Lube is for more than just vaginal sex.

Since we are already knocking down all sorts of myths today, let’s talk about how lube can be used outside of traditional vaginal intercourse! Lube is a must-have for anal! Flavored lube is fantastic for oral sex! Lube is also great for masturbation, whether you're using just your hands or toys too! Oil-based lubes can also be utilized for some sensual massaging!


6. Feel no shame!

Now that you know all these lube facts, you know that using personal lubricant should never cause you to feel shameful or uncomfortable with your body! There's nothing wrong with needing some slippery help! Lube enhances pleasure for everyone, regardless of gender or vaginal wetness. There are so many factors that go into creating "wetness." Secretions are affected by medications, menopause, medical conditions, stress, hormonal/chemical imbalances, and of course, lack of foreplay. To use or not to use lube is a completely personal choice, but trust us, you'll have a WAY better time with it than without!

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