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Your January Sex Position (Based on Your Sign)

Your January Sex Position (Based on Your Sign)

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Excited to see what 2023 has in store? We can’t wait for you to read what the first month of the new year holds for your sex life! It’s a great time to reflect back on the past year and set intentions for the bedroom for 2023! Do you want to be more fearless in the nude? Are you ready to finally play out that fantasy you’ve always wanted to try? Do you want to explore backdoor play? Well, find your sign below to hear what the stars have to say about your January sex position...

aires january sex position

ARIES - The Ankle Choker

You need a sex position as bold and as daring as you are this month, Aries, and the Ankle Choker definitely delivers. Start with your partner on their knees and you laying on your back. From there, have your partner lift your hips so they are resting on their thighs. Lift your legs up so they are on either side of your partner’s neck and let them give you intense oral pleasure. This is a great position for you to take charge in the bedroom as much as you do outside of the bedroom.

Taurus January sex position

TAURUS - The 68

This 68 is a play on the classic 69 position. It still centers around oral pleasure, but with a slight difference. Have one partner lay on their back with their knees bent. The other person lays on top of them, also on their back, but facing the opposite direction. Their torso should be leaning against the thighs of the person on the bottom. This allows for a closeness of skin-on-skin while one person is receiving mind-blowing oral sex. It also frees up the hands of the person on the bottom to tease and play with the body of the receiver. If you want to even the playing field, you can also take turns giving and receiving. 

Gemini January sex position 

GEMINI - Doggy w/ a Vibrator

This position is a spicy variation on the classic doggy sex position. Have one person position themselves on all fours while the other partner enters them from behind. To increase the levels of pleasure, add your favorite vibrator in as well. The intensity of the vibrations will be something you and your partner will be wanting to replicate time and time again.

Cancer January sex position

CANCER - The crabwalk

This is the perfect position to spice up your sex life! The Crabwalk is perfect for Cancers (the crab of the zodiac). Position yourself and your partner like you’re going to do a crabwalk while facing each other. Then move close enough to each other so you can intertwine your legs together. From here gyrate into oblivion. It will take some finagling and communication to get into the right position, but it’s definitely worth it. ;)

Leo January sex position

LEO - X marks the spot

This is the perfect sex position for a flirty Leo looking for a little extra fun this month. Lay on your back on the bed. Lift your legs and cross them. While your legs are in this position, have your partner penetrate you from a standing position with a strap-on, dildo, or penis. This position is a bit different from the more common positions and brings along an inherent sense of fun with it.

Virgo January sex position

VIRGO - Lazy solo lover

This position is as relaxing as it seems. When you are getting ready to masturbate, Virgo, stack up some pillows for you to lean against so you are closer to a sitting position. The pillows will provide some comfortable support for your back and will put you at a better angle to stimulate your G-spot. Make sure to break out your favorite vibrator or toy to get the most out of this position. 

Libra January sex position

LIBRA - The Side Lotus

The Side Lotus is perfect for wandering hands and dirty talk - a couple of your favorite bedroom activities, Libra. ;) Start off with your partner in a sitting position and lay down on your side. From here have your partner sit between your legs while facing you. Wrap one of your legs around the side of their body. This is a great position for some old-fashioned grinding and stimulation. There is also plenty of eye contact that will make this position more intense.

Scorpio January sex position

SCORPIO - Legs up

This is the perfect position for you to channel your passion, Scorpio. Start off by laying on the bed on your back. Then roll your hips back and lift your legs so they are above the rest of your body. Feel free to use your hands to support your back as your partner stimulates you. This can include penetration or some friendly fondling. Either way, it’s sure to be the perfect outlet for your passion.

Sagittarius January sex position

SAGITTARIUS - The Three-Legged Dog

This position is a mix between yoga and sex. The Three-Legged Dog is a variation of Downward Dog in Yoga. However, you will use this pose to your advantage in the bedroom. Have your partner stand behind you while you’re balancing on all fours with your hips raised to the sky. Lift one of your legs and have your partner hold onto it tightly as they begin to penetrate or stimulate from behind. Make sure to start off slow as you get into the rhythm of this position.

Capricorn january sex position

CAPRICORN - The Corkscrew

Start this position off by laying on your back, and rotate your pelvis to one side with your arms lying flat at both sides. Have your partner position themself between your legs. You have the option of wrapping your legs around their torso or merely having your legs lay out behind your partner. If your partner is penetrating you or you want a deeper twist, have them gently hold your knee that is to the side. This position is also great for a twist on scissoring. The possibilities are endless.

Aquarius January sex position

AQUARIUS - The Dragon

The Dragon is all about oral stimulation and pleasure. Have your partner rest on your shins while they are facing you. Move your butt so it’s laying on top of your partner’s knees with your legs on either side of your partner’s hips. From this position, move your pelvis upwards towards your partner’s face so they can engage in oral sex. This position is beautiful for so many pleasurable reasons, but specifically because it works for anyone and everyone. 

Pisces January sex position

PISCES - The Oath

This position is the perfect balance of sensuality and passion, Pisces. The Oath starts off with your partner positioned behind you. Both partners will be kneeling and facing the same direction. To best optimize this position, place your legs in between your partners. This positioning allows for fondling, grinding, and additional stimulation for both parties.

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