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The Sex Position You NEED to Try in February - Based on Your Sign

The Sex Position You NEED to Try in February - Based on Your Sign

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February is historically known as the month of love, but we've got the intel on the sex position you should be trying out this month! Find your sign and your partners' below to find out what the month has in store...

Aries february sex position

ARIES - The Fast and the Furious

This is a great position to spice things up a bit and for when you are feeling extra spontaneous and passionate. Pull your partner into any room and start stripping down - don’t worry about where you are - that’s the thrill of it all. Feel free to hold their face, kiss them passionately, and maybe even hold them up against the wall. Touch your partner in all of your very favorite places. 

taurus february sex position

TAURUS - All Hands on Deck

This is the perfect position for someone who loves being touched anywhere and everywhere. If you are feeling extra romantic, break out the candles and massage oil. This will give you an excuse to be caressed and touched all over your body. Take turns giving each other massages, taking care to ensure that they are passionate and sensual. From here, have slow and passionate sex while face to face. 

Gemini february sex position

GEMINI - Faux Three-some

This position gives you the sensation of a threesome without it actually being a threesome. Lay on your side and have your partner enter you anally or vaginally. From here use your favorite dildo or toy in the other entrance. Use a vibrator for an added level of stimulation.

cancer february sex position

CANCER - The Breakfast Spoon

You love the intimacy that cuddling provides. This position combines your love of cuddling and your sexual passion. Start off in a traditional spooning position. From here, have your partner enter from behind with a dildo, strap-on, or penis. This position also allows for extremely intimate, skin-to-skin contact. 

leo february sex position

LEO - The Royal Table

The beauty of this position is the endless possibilities that it provides. Have you and your partner select your favorite sex toys and lube. If you’re feeling extra kinky include a blindfold. Lie back, and have your partner use any and all of the selected toys to their discretion. Not knowing what your partner is going to do next will keep you on your toes, always anticipating the next pleasure. 

virgo february sex position

VIRGO - Focused Fuck

In the bedroom, you love little details that make any encounter go from good to amazing. You love feeling the intensity and passion behind every touch, every breath, and every kiss. This position centers on focusing on the intensity of every single movement. Position yourself and your partner in missionary, but increase the intensity of the position by slowing down every thrust and touch. 

libra february sex position

LIBRA - The Double-double

This position makes the most out of your natural tendency to be sexually adventurous and your desire to please your partner. Use a toy that can stimulate both of you at the same time, like a double-sided vibrator. Sit on your partner’s lap and have each of you use either side of the toy. There are a plethora of different variations on this position that you can play out!

scorpio february sex position

SCORPIO - The Strip Tease

You love staying in control, especially in the bedroom. This is a position that is a great introduction to BDSM because it’s more about the power play rather than the act itself. Start off by blindfolding your partner. Then begin stripping, slowly. Let your partner casually touch your body at your discretion. Feel free to give them a little spank if they get a little too frisky for the pace you’re setting. Make them beg and work for it before you reward them with touches and kisses. 

sagittarius february sex position


Since this month will be difficult for your sex life, this is the perfect time to try out some new masturbation positions. Position yourself on all four as if you are straddling a partner. Either use your hand or your favorite sex toy. Lean slightly backwards or use pillows to incorporate a different sensation. This simple change in your masturbation routine can give you a completely new orgasming experience. 

capricorn february sex position

CAPRICORN - Stealth and PDA

This position is perfect to take advantage of your increased sex drive and sense of adventure. Utilize a remote control sex toy that can give you the thrill of public sex without doing anything illegal. Give your partner the control for the toy and let them use it at their discretion during date night. You won’t know when you’ll be stimulated, and that suspense adds to this sexy rendezvous. 

aquarius february sex position

AQUARIUS - The Standing Pillar

This position is exactly what it sounds like. While you are standing upright, close your eyes, embrace the moment, and start masturbating. You can use your favorite vibrator or your hand - it’s really the dealer's choice here. This position is especially good for those days when you need a mid-day release. It’s a simple pose, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

pisces february sex position

PISCES - Slippery Kitty

Relax with this bathtub sex position. Go ahead and amp up the romance factor and light some candles or play some serene music. Use your hands to explore every inch of your body and your partner’s body. Go with the flow and try not to overthink things - just do what feels right and good to you. You won’t go unsatisfied.

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