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August 2021 Sex Horoscope

August 2021 Sex Horoscope

12 minute read

It's a HOT month. Will things heat up in the bedroom for you as well? Find your sign below to read your August 2021 sex horoscope and power position!

 aries august 2021 sex horoscope


Aries, your sex life is going to have a rather unfortunately slow start in the month of August. You may have overdone it a bit in the bedroom in July, or perhaps you are merely just going through a dry spell. It won’t be until the middle of the month for your sex life to really get going. Try not to feel too frustrated by this. Once things in the bedroom start heating up, you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Power Position: Reverse Cowgirl

This position is a classic for a reason. It has all of the benefits of you being on top while add some variety and spice to the position. Like the more traditional Cowgirl position, Reverse Cowgirl will have the penetrated partner on top. However, instead of facing them directly, you will position yourself so your head is facing their legs and feet. Either partner can control the intensity and speed of every movement, which is always a plus.

Taurus august 2021 sex horoscope 


New connections, especially sexual ones, will be a regular occurrence for you throughout the entirety of August, Taurus. You’re not usually one to rotate through lovers quickly, but the planetary alignments and transitions this month are really emboldening you. Any hesitation you may usually have around your sexuality will seemingly slip away - do not be afraid to embrace this. Your sex life can only benefit from it.

Power Position: All Hands on Deck

You are someone who loves foreplay and just simply being touched. This position is perfect for that. Warm up your favorite massage oil and take turns with your partner, giving each other slow, sensual massages. Take your time here. Once you’ve both had a massage, have slow face to face sex or masturbate together. Feel free to explore each other’s body all the while.

 gemini august 2021 sex horoscope


Gemini, you are ruled by Mercury - the planet of communication. This makes you quite the chatterbox, and this month your communication skills are going to be especially handy in the bedroom. Whether it's an initial pickup line or some extra steamy dirty talk, the power of words will be on your side all month long. This will be very helpful if you’re not interested in anything too serious. But, if you are in a committed relationship, your partner will greatly appreciate hearing about all the things you’d like to do with them in the bedroom.

Power Position: The X-Rated

The position is all about control - either person can take the lead with thrust and speed. Have your partner lay down on the bed facing up. From here, position yourself on top with your face towards their feet and your feet towards their face. Slide yourself up and down on your partner’s strap on or penis, slowing down or speeding up to your heart’s content. You’re the one in charge here. Make sure your partner doesn’t forget that.

cancer august 2021 sex horoscope 


Despite half of August taking place during your season, Cancer, you have been feeling a little off. Your libido just is not at the same intensity you have found yourself accustomed to. Don’t worry - a little sexual slump happens to everyone. Luckily by the last week of August, you will feel much more confident in yourself. Your self-confidence is incredibly alluring; it won’t be long before you have a long line of suitors. 

Power Position: The Breakfast Spoon

You love cuddling and the coziness of being near your partner. This position capitalizes on this, utilizing your favorite variation of spooning. Have your partner act as the little spoon and curve yourself along their back, moving your hand to stimulate them. Explore your partner’s body! As you’re cuddling your partner in the morning, use this position to start your day with some cozy pleasure.

 leo august 2021 sex horoscope


As July begins to wrap up, Leo, you will feel a sense of loneliness and isolation. You’re not someone who is super comfortable with being by yourself. Thankfully, by the second week of August, you will feel more connected with others. It really helps that at the same time, your sex life is going to be all sorts of fun. If you are single, dating apps will be your best friend in pursuing multiple sexual partners and experiences. As long as you remember to have safe sex, these hookups will serve you well. 

Power Position: The Royal Table

Break out all of your favorite sex toys in this position because it is all about you! Offer a variety of different things for your partner to use - lube, a vibrator, handcuffs - whatever is speaking to you at the moment. Have your partner use these toys and their imagination to tease you into a pleasurable oblivion. If you’re feeling particularly bold, go ahead and watch your partner’s work through a mirror. This additional view makes it all the hotter.

 virgo august 2021 sex horoscope


August will find you enveloped in a thin veil of secrecy around your sex life, Virgo. It may be that you are trying to keep your bedroom hobbies on the down-low, or you’re just not ready for others to be aware of your relationship(s). This secrecy will make your hookups all that much hotter. An element of risk just makes everything sexier. However, be careful not to overdo it. Too much secrecy can quickly become tiring, both sexually and emotionally. 

Power Position: Missionary

This position is an iconic classic for a reason. While it does have a reputation for being a bit boring and on the more predictable side, the potential for pleasure is endless here. With the penetrating partner on top, keep eye contact to add an increased level of intimacy. Let them control the speed and intensity of their thrusts. As a rhythm develops, focus on every single pleasurable sensation surging throughout your body. And remember - it’s all about the angle. So, you can add a pillow under your pelvis or change your leg position to allow for the best angle.

 libra august 2021 sex horoscope


Libra - August is an ideal time for you to play the field. Go ahead and hookup with your latest dating app match - we promise you’ll have a whole bunch of fun! If you have the urge to make one of your casual hookups more serious, be careful! Finding someone that you are sexually attracted to and someone you actually want to date will be a herculean task for you this month. Take your time exploring what kind of different sexual adventures are out there. At the very least you will be more aware of what else the world has to offer. 

Power Position: The Laconic Lounger

Start off by having your partner lying on the bed with a pillow or two under their thighs. Kneel in between their legs and using one hand, caress their body. With the other, draw your hand down to stimulate and pleasure them. Feel free to add in any of your other favorite toys to this position as well.

 scorpio august 2021 sex horoscope


During August, Scorpio, your confidence will embolden you to express your sexuality more overtly. You will know exactly what you want, when you want it, and who you want to do it with. Even if it is a newer sexual partner, you will not find yourself hesitating about communicating your needs in bed. Your direct communication about your sexual needs will lead to fireworks - for both you and your partner.

Power Position: The Strip Tease

This is a fantastic position that incorporates varying levels of BDSM and teasing. Whether you’re the submissive partner or the dominant one, this position is all about control. Blindfold your partner and begin to slowly strip. Take off each article of clothing one by one, and only let them touch you as much as you let them, without you ever touching them. Tease them with your body until they can barely stand it. Once they are begging for more pleasure, finally let them take off their blindfold as you start to return their touch.

sagittarius august 2021 sex horoscope 


Sagittarius, your emotions have the potential to rule your sex life throughout August if you are not careful. While it is never necessarily a bad thing to incorporate feelings in sex, sometimes it can unnecessarily complicate things. It will be extra difficult for you to balance things this month. If it becomes clear that your bedroom endeavors are suffering because you’re not happy with your emotional state, it may be best to take a break from sex. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, but every now and then, a break from sex can do everyone some good.

Power Position: The All Hands Meeting

Start by having your partner on all fours. With a generous amount of lube, start massaging and teasing their butthole with one hand. Use your other hand to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, finger them, or begin to tease their penis. If you are fingering your partner, move your fingers to create an internal pinching motion, creating a unique wave of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to switch up what your hands are doing - explore all aspects of their body.

 capricorn august 2021 sex horoscope


August is the perfect time for you to find that special someone to complete you both in and out of the bedroom, Capricorn. Love is in the air and luckily for you, it seems that it will stick around for a while! This will make your sex life more sensual and passionate than it has been within the past few months. You always have the best sex when you have an emotional connection with someone. 

Power Position: Stop and Go

You love to constantly be in motion, so this position is perfect to force yourself to slow down just a tad. Have your partner begin to perform oral sex on you. As they begin to circle their tongue around your clit or penis, relinquish all control to them. When you begin to get closer and closer, your partner will begin to slow down. When you have cooled off enough for their liking, they will start to get you going once again. Your partner can repeat this process as many times as they’d like, until they finally decide to let you reach orgasm.

 aquarius august 2021 sex horoscope


Aquarius - August will provide you with an ample amount of opportunities for you to connect with others - sexually and emotionally. It may feel like you don’t even have to put effort into finding a new hookup… they just seemingly appear before you! This simplifies the dating process greatly for you. Even better, since these partners all seem to come to you, it means that you don’t have to make the first move. It’s always nerve wracking and without having to do it, you’re able to channel your energy on all the things you want to do with and to your partner. 

Power Position: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

This is the perfect position for a long, hot summer day. Grab a couple of ice cubes from your freezer for this one. Using the ice cube(s), you and your partner are going to experiment with the pleasure and sensations that can be achieved only through temperature play. Run the ice up and down your partner’s body and incorporate it in your favorite sex acts. Don’t be afraid to utilize an ice cube when you’re giving your partner head - the difference between the cold ice and the heat of summer will create a truly unique sense of pleasure.

pisces august 2021 sex horoscope


All of your favorite things about dating will come together this month, Pisces. Fun, romance, and sex will all merge into your dream scenario. You will connect with someone who helps you bring out all of this within your relationship. Try not to overthink things and just embrace them as they come your way! Going with the flow is not the easiest thing for you to do, but you will have much more fun if you are able to. 

 Power Position: The Total Flex

Get back to basics and sit on your partner’s lap, spreading your legs wide open. Then, start to ride your partner. This position is amazingly visual and hot for everyone involved. The motions just seem to hit all the right spots. A penis isn’t necessary to enjoy this position either. Go ahead and sit in this same position - on your partner’s lap with your legs wide open- and give them a glorious show. Your partner can masturbate at the same time or lend you a helping hand.


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