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July 2021 Sex Horoscope

July 2021 Sex Horoscope

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July is a month of fireworks and explosions - will you experience that in the bedroom too? Find your sign below to read your July 2021 sex horoscope and power position! 

 aries july 2021 sex horoscope


Voice your true desires openly and proudly this month, Aries. The only way to truly be fulfilled is to state your wants both in relationships and in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to communicate what is pleasurable to you - your partner will be more receptive to your request than you think! The alignment of the stars will come together to highlight the sexiest parts of your chart. By combining open communication and your natural sex appeal, your sex life will be the hottest it has been in a very, very long time. 

Power Position: The Ballplayer 

This is an ideal position when it comes to “Netflix and chill.” Remain seated on the couch, leaning on it for additional support while your partner sits on your lap, with their back facing you. The way you and your partner are positioned allows for all sorts of stimulation beyond penetration. Go ahead and rub your partner’s clitoris or stroke their testicles. 

Taurus july 2021 sex horoscope 


Taurus, you will have some truly positive and wonderful energy coming your way as July begins. This will create a new sense of warmth within your romantic and sexual endeavors. You love the more sensual aspects of your favorite bedroom activity, and this newfound warmth will bring you even closer to your partner. Take your time and enjoy every second of your sexual activities - you’ll have a much better time if you savor even the smallest of sensations. 

Power Position: The Lingerie Slay

Your body is beautiful, and use lingerie to further accentuate your curves. Put on a corset or shapewear and pair it with a bra that makes you feel sexy as hell or just let your boobs hang free. If not, go ahead and incorporate any other piece of clothing that makes you feel your very best. With your partner sitting down, grind on them with your hips. Don’t let them touch you right away to heighten the pleasure once they’re finally able to. 

 gemini july 2021 sex horoscope


Things in the bedroom will have some additional heat this month, Gemini. If you are in the mood for some sexy surprises, July is the perfect month to pull out all the stops. This will really help you move past the monotony of your more recent sex life. However, be careful not to get carried away with the fun of sexual spontaneity. It’s important that you still keep in mind what you and your partner both want in the bedroom. A healthy balance between the two will provide you with the sex life you have been searching for. 

Power Position: Double Trouble

This position is completely your design, as it emphasizes the usage of multiple sex toys in the bedroom. Both you and your partner will be able to control the speed and intensity of these toys. Have your partner lay down in a position where they can use a clit suctioning vibrator. As your partner becomes increasingly turned on, use an internal vibrator or a dildo inside of their/your vagina. If you’re feeling particularly naughty, go ahead and tease them until they’re finally begging. 

cancer july 2021 sex horoscope 


As July begins, Cancer, your sex life will becomes increasingly intense. At first the intensity of your bedroom experiences will be a little overwhelming. Luckily you will grow into truly appreciating the beauty that a passionate sexual experience brings. It’s not every month that you’ll experience sex like this, but it’s always an enjoyable change of pace when this happens. Just make sure that your partner is having as good of a time as you are. 

Power Position: The Lap Waltz 

This position is really satisfying when a vagina-owner is on top. Whether you’ll be using a strap on or a person’s penis, the partner who is on top will be able to have total control over the pace and intensity. Place your hands on your partner’s shoulders and begin to move up and down on your partner’s member. Once you’re in a steady rhythm, feel free to grind, gyrate, and kiss your partner to your heart’s desire.

 leo july 2021 sex horoscope


While you have a reputation for being a little on the selfish side, Leo, this doesn’t usually carry over into the bedroom. However, the July sky’s alignment will illuminate the importance of sexual self-love. Your newfound self care can be channeled in a plethora of ways. From solo play to your favorite sex position, July is the time to focus on yourself. The sky's the limit when it comes to appreciating your own sexual needs and desires - of course with consent.

Power Position: Slippery Kitty

Relax with this bathtub sex position. Go ahead and amp up the romance factor and light some candles or play some serene music. Use your hands to explore every inch of your body and your partner’s body. Go with the flow and try not to overthink things - just do what feels right and good to you. You won’t go unsatisfied.

 virgo july 2021 sex horoscope


As June winds down and July starts up, Virgo, you will find yourself in an out-of-touch mindset. You are going to feel oddly distant from your own sexuality. Usually, you have a strong sense of yourself and desires, but July’s planetary alignment will throw this out of balance. Right now it would be best for you to focus on relaxation and re-centering yourself. Take as much time as possible to focus on you right now. Once you reconnect with yourself and your sexuality, then you can transition into improving your sexual experiences with your partner.

Power Position: The Standing Pillar 

This position is exactly what it sounds like. While you are standing upright, close your eyes, embrace the moment, and start masturbating. You can use your favorite vibrator or your hand - it’s really the dealer's choice here. This position is especially good for those days when you need a mid-day release. It’s a simple pose, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked!

 libra july 2021 sex horoscope


Libra, your sex life will be full of surprises this month! You will experience a whole spectrum of unexpected sexual experiences. It will be intense and passionate, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. Your imagination will serve you well. If you come across any opportunities for you to pursue your sexual fantasies, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Your bedroom fantasies and dreams have the potential to finally come true towards the end of the month. 

Power Position: The Counter Service

This position is all about making a “quickie” as hot and as simple as possible. Not every time you have sex has to be a long, drawn-out process, and short sessions have the possibility to be just as hot. This position is just three easy steps: proceed to the nearest counter or table, pull down your pants or lift up your skirt, and then bend over. You can use any of your favorite toys here or you can go for some oral from behind. It’ll be hot regardless of what sex act you decide on.

 scorpio july 2021 sex horoscope


July begins with an especially steamy note for you, Scorpio. The sun’s transit at the start of the month will bring out the full force of your passion in the bedroom. While you are always a sexual person, this month will bring out new levels of intensity. Saying that there will be fireworks is an understatement to say the least. Your partner will appreciate your enthusiasm about sex, but don’t to forget to focus on their needs as well. Sex is only truly great when everyone is enjoying themselves. 

Power Position: About Face

Have your partner sit down and lean backwards a bit on their hands, while you simultaneously sit down on your favorite dildo, strap-on, or even your partner’s penis. As you are sitting down on your partner’s lap, add in your favorite vibrator to stimulate your clit and receive maximum bliss. 

sagittarius july 2021 sex horoscope 


Sadly, Sagittarius, July is just not the month for your sex life. Despite your best efforts, you will enter into a rather unfortunate dry spell. You are not going to enjoy it by any means, but there is still a great opportunity to focus on your own sexual needs this month. You have a tendency to sacrifice your own pleasure in the bedroom in order to please your partner. This makes time without someone else in the bedroom the perfect time to focus on your needs! You may be surprised by just how much you enjoy yourself.

Power Position: The Easy O

During your relationship hiatus, sex toys and masturbation are going to be your best friend. Lay back and use your favorite vibrator. If you don’t have a favorite sex toy quite yet, try out a vibrator that stimulates your clitoris and has an insertable shaft. This is one of the most relaxing positions to pleasure yourself in and obtain that long sought-after orgasm. 



Your relationship has hit a couple of road bumps as of late, Capricorn. Unfortunately for you, these issues will trickle over into the bedroom. As frustrating as this is, it is important that you don’t shy away from putting effort and work into maintaining a great sex life. If you actively communicate with your partner and listen to their sexual desires these little road bumps will begin to smooth themselves out. However, it is important that you continue these habits long after these issues are resolved.

Power Position: Reverse Cowgirl

This classic sex position is perfect for getting the most out of one night stands (or hot sex with your partner). Face your partner’s feet and lower yourself down onto their penis, dildo, or strap-on. Go as slowly or as quickly as is comfortable for both you and your partner. This position only works if both of you are comfortable with each motion and speed. If you’re going at a fast pace, feel free to brace yourself with your hands to keep the pleasure going all night long. This position gives all of the power of doggy style, but still provides you with enough control to influence how the sexual encounter goes. 

 aquarius july 2021 sex horoscope


In the beginning of the month, Aquarius, you are going to feel inclined to take a step back from your sexual endeavors. You have been feeling overwhelmed as June concludes, so it is important that you take some time to reflect and focus on yourself. Towards the middle of July, you are going to feel more than ready to jump back into the bedroom. Your sexual reprieve is just the thing you needed to reignite your intense sexual passion. The rest of the month will be full of hot, steamy romps.

Power Position: Remote Control Lover

This position is essentially telling your partner exactly what you want them to do to you, how you want them to do it, and when you want them to do it. You are the one in charge in this position, and in every action, you remain in dominance. This is a good way to introduce yourself and your partner to light BDSM. Command your partner’s every move - tell them to bend over for some light spanking, have them masturbate while you watch and tease them, order them to give you oral. The sky's the limit here - it’s whatever you like as long as you have a consenting partner. Consent is the true key to this position. 

pisces july 2021 sex horoscope


Your dull sex life is going to receive a shock that will bring it back to life, Pisces. Your love or even a new partner will be able to find a rather creative way to help you reach fulfilling pleasure. You don’t usually change your sexual habits often, so you will be surprised just how much you enjoy yourself. This will create an intensely ardent relationship. Your partner’s fresh approach to sex will help you expand your own sexual horizons. 

 Power Position: The Arc De Triomphe

This position centers on the impact that oral sex has in the bedroom. The Arc De Triomphe is a slight variation on the more common face-sitting position. Have your partner lay down on the bed, facing towards you. Position yourself as if you’re simply going into the standard face sitting pose, but when you are here, balance yourself on all fours, leaning on your hands and arching your back a bit. Adjust your hips as your partner is eating you out to hit that sweet spot. This position will boost your likelihood of having multiple orgasms, and once you’ve had your fill, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to return the favor.


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