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September 2021 Sex Horoscope

September 2021 Sex Horoscope

12 minute read

Your September sex horoscope is here along with your power position of the month. Find your sign below and read your fate...

aries september sex horoscope


Your sex life has been a bit boring (for you) lately, Aries. You’ve gotten into a steady rhythm in the bedroom, but it’s high time you shake things up a bit. It might take some creative thinking to really add some variety. However, once you’re determined to do something, nothing can stand in between you and your goal. Even if that nothing is boring sex. Just remember to incorporate your partner in brainstorming - both of you have to be on board before you try something brand new.

Power Position: Advanced Crab Walk

Before actually getting into position, be aware that this position requires some extra patience and creativity. Once you and your partner are mentally prepared, start off with the pair of you both in a crab walk position. The person receiving should then lower themselves down onto the other person’s dildo or penis. From here, do whatever motion feels the most comfortable. It could be hip lifting, gyrating, or even thrusting. Follow whatever feels most pleasurable. If any position can shake up your sex life, it’s this one.

taurus september sex horoscope 


If you’re not especially careful this month, Taurus, a sexual entanglement can become quickly bogged down and complicated by the onset on new emotions. This isn’t unsurprising by any means; you’re not someone known for unattached sexual relationships. However, you’re at an increased risk for inadvertent heartache in September if you aren’t a little wary. Just make sure that whenever you enter into a new relationship, sexual or otherwise, you are explicit about what you want and need. This will minimize any heartache you face. 

Power Position: Spooning

You love cuddling up with your partner - the cozier you are, the better. This position is ideal for both of these things. Start off in your favorite spooning positions, ideally both you and your partner facing the same direction. With the penetrating partner behind the receiver, have them enter from behind. From here, every motion is sensual and pleasurable. For additional sensation, clitoral stimulation can occur from either partner. 

 gemini september sex horoscope


Something or someone (an old flame perhaps) has been repressing your sexuality a bit as of late, Gemini. This has been a never-ending source of frustration. You’ve been stuck in the past - not quite able to progress to something new. This has distracted you from the pleasure the bedroom offers. It has come time to recognize what is holding you back in order to move forward. Once you do this, your sex life will come roaring back before the month’s end. 

Power Position: Shoulder Hold

This position is a much, much more fun variation of the traditional missionary position. While one partner is penetrating the other with their penis or a dildo, have the other simply rest their legs on their partner’s shoulders. This will get an incredible angle for G-spot stimulation. The G-spot has a tendency to be overlooked, so this position is great to give that area some much-needed attention.

 cancer september sex horoscope


September is a very busy month for you and everyone around you, Cancer. With the start of school and all the autumn events that go along with it, you’re having a bit of difficulty balancing everything demanding your attention. Unfortunately, this means your sex life has fallen to the wayside. While you ideally would have time to focus more on sex, life has a habit of getting in the way. When this happens, it’s best to go to some good ole standbys - they’re classic for a reason. Don’t overthink things. Be simple and just do whatever feels good to you.

Power Position: Doggy-Style

This position is one of the most common sex positions for a reason - it feels so, so amazing. Start with the receiving partner on all fours, facing away from their partner. While behind the receiving partner, the one penetrating partner will stand or kneel. From this position, it’s easy for them to enter from behind, either vaginally or anally. The partner penetrating can stabilize themselves by placing their hand on their partner’s hips, or they can let their hands wander for extra stimulation. 

 leo september sex horoscope


Mercury’s position this month makes September the perfect time for you to focus on your partner’s sexual needs just as much as your own, Leo. While you try your best to give as much as you receive in the bedroom, that’s always easier said than done. You can get distracted by the pleasure your partner is giving you and forget to focus on their needs. However, this month, make some extra effort to make sure that both of your needs are being met. Sex can only be so fun when only one partner is having their needs met. It’s important that both of you feel pleasured.

Power Position: The Lion’s Roar

This position is quite perfect for the Lion of the Zodiac. It’s almost as bold and daring as you are. The Lion’s Roar is an exciting twist on the traditional Doggy Style. In this position, the receiving partner is still penetrated from behind, but their partner’s adds in a strap for some extra hip lifting and stability. Start with the receiving partner on all fours with the strap slipped under their stomach/hips. The penetrating partner will then grasp the ends of the strap, lifting their partner towards them. The strap creates additional stability, allowing for deeper thrusts. 

 virgo september sex horoscope


As September gets under way, Virgo, your love life will really begin to heat up. Your focus hasn’t been on your sex life recently. It just has not been a priority for you lately. But, with the start of a new season, your sex life is turning over a new leaf. Embrace the flirtations that cross your path! It doesn’t always have to lead to anything, but it will be a good bit of fun for you. When things do cross over into the bedroom, try to remain just as lighthearted. Sex is really fun- try not to forget that!

Power Position: The Lazy Dog

This position is another variation on the classic Doggy Style position. One partner will be on all fours, while the other will penetrate from behind. However, in this variation, both partners will be lying flat against the bed. This creates maximum amounts of pleasure with minimal work. This is amazing for those days where you and your partner are tired, but still want to get it on. It’s all about a balance. 

libra september sex horoscope 


Libra - this September will provide you with ample opportunities to connect with a variety of people, both in and out of the bedroom. Depending on your relationship status and what your partner is comfortable with, this could lead you to a lot of heartache or some of the most fun you’ve ever had during sex. It will be extremely important for you to understand everyone’s exact needs and any hard limits. This month, make sure your communication is extra clear. 

Power Position: The Lotus

Have the penetrating partner start by sitting cross legged. This can be on the bed, but the floor may offer a more stable foundation. Then, the receiving partner will sit on their lap, gently lowering themselves down onto their partner’s dildo or penis. Wrap your legs and arms around your partner and have them do the same. The motions in this position are slow, sensual, and intense. Move together with your partner’s body and focus on connecting with them. Feel every sensation and pleasure as much as you can; this will add a heightened level of intensity that you will greatly appreciate. 

scorpio september sex horoscope


Both your love life and sex life have been sources of never-ending frustration for you lately, Scorpio. Your rhythm is off, causing a lot of tension in your relationships. It will be extra easy for your anger to control your actions this month, so be careful not to let your temper get the best of you. You’re a passionate person. Try to channel this pent-up frustration into the bedroom. You will release tension and receive some much-needed pleasure. 

Power Position: Lesbian Reverse Missionary

This position is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the traditional, heterosexual version of missionary, this version is primarily for two people with vulvas. Of course, this position is also excellent with either partner wearing a strap-on. In this position, a person with a vulva is on top, creating slightly different angles. These small shifts of the body create entirely new sensations and pleasure - perfect for two people with vulvas. 

sagittarius september sex horoscope


Lately, you have been working some long hours, Sagittarius. While you’re willing to put in the extra effort, your increased workload has put some strain on your sex life. You have just been so tense lately, that sex is a complete afterthought. Flirt a little and try to reignite your sexual spark. Feel free to keep things casual - a sexual fling might just be the thing you need. But, don’t be afraid to take a relationship seriously. Just go with whatever feels right to you. 

Power Position: The Chair

This position is amazing for utilizing the full potential a simple chair can provide. Have the penetrating partner start by sitting in it. The receiving partner will then position themself on top of their partner, so they’re the ones riding. The partner on top is able to control the speed and intensity of every movement. With a comfortable chair, this position is built for longevity. 

capricorn september sex horoscope


All of your potential sexual partners this month…. are just not doing it for you, Capricorn. Whether there isn’t the connection you’re looking for or you’re just simply not attracted to them, you just keep striking out this month. While this is annoying, stick to your guns! There is nothing wrong with having standards for your perspective partners. Be patient - it’s sure to pay off before the month’s end.

Power Position: Weak in the Knees

In this position, you and your partner will utilize the magnificence of oral sex. Regardless of what position either partner is in, everyone is in for a good time. One partner will lay face up on the bed, while the other partner gently lowers themselves over their partner’s face. It’s that simple. Adjust as needed- find the angles and positioning best for you and your partner. Feel free to switch positions so both you get to receive and give. 

aquarius september sex horoscope


As September starts, Aquarius, you might feel a bit distant from your relationships, sexual or otherwise. You have unintentionally been keeping everyone at a distance lately. While it has been brushed off in previous months, your distance will be unavoidable. Either it’s time to sever the relationship or you need to break down your walls and let other people in. You will need to be active in your attempts to be more intimate with your partner, both emotionally and physically. 

Power Position: Lady Godiva

This oral sex position is specifically designed with cunnilingus in mind. It’s all about the pleasure for those with vulvas. The partner that is performing oral will lay down on their back, with the partner receiving pleasure straddling them. The receiver can support themselves by holding onto a headboard or even the wall. The giving partner will have open access to every sensitive part of their partner’s body - clitoris, vagina, and vulva. The receiving partner can also tease the giver by lifting themselves up and down as they desire. Feel free to incorporate a little grinding as well. 

pisces september sex horoscope 


This is the time to embrace the true you, Pisces, quirks and kinks included. You have strong emotions and an even stronger personality. Don’t hold back any part of yourself. If your partner(s) can’t handle all of you, then that’s their loss. Be completely authentic to yourself, both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll have much better sex with someone who appreciates your expressive nature and independent sexuality.

Power Position: The 69

The 69 is quite similar to your Zodiac symbol, making it an ideal sexual position for you to both receive and give pleasure. With this position focusing on oral sex, it’s great for any type of couple. One partner will lay on the bed facing up, while the other positions themselves on top, facing the opposite direction. Essentially, align yourselves so both parties can give and receive oral. This position can be the main show or even just the appetizer for the rest of the evening. 

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