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October 2021 Sex Horoscope

October 2021 Sex Horoscope

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It's cuffing season! Will you be cuddling up with a new boo? Scroll down to find your sign and read your October 2021 sex horoscope below!

Aries October 2021 sex horoscope


Things in the bedroom are spicing up this month, Aries, bringing in some much-needed heat. Do not be afraid to go a little outside of your comfort zone. If your partner has a position or a fantasy they have always wanted to try, October is the perfect time to try it out! Don’t be afraid to express your desires to your partner as well - it could lead to the best kind of pleasure.

Power Position: The X Factor

This position is an electric start to introducing bondage into your sex life, Aries. It straddles that fine line between the arousal of trying a new sex act and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Have your partner (or yourself) lay face down in an x-shaped position, with both arms and legs spread apart. Your partner won’t be able to see your movements beforehand, adding an additional level of erotic anticipation. Get creative with the possibilities that the position allows for; give oral sex from behind, gently play with their butt, or even slide in from behind. It’s truly the dealer’s choice.

taurus October 2021 sex horoscope 


During October, Taurus, you will feel particularly drawn to seeing sex in a more emotional capacity. By no means is sex merely a physical act for you, but nor is it always a deep, emotional connection. However, this month you will be unable to separate your emotions from your sex life. Be careful not to let yourself get too carried away with your emotions. If you are able to strike a healthy balance, you will find yourself a wonderfully sensual sex life.

Power Position: All Hands on Deck

This is the perfect position for someone who loves being touched anywhere and everywhere. If you are feeling extra romantic, break out the candles and massage oil. This will give you an excuse to be touched all over. Take turns giving each other massages, caring to ensure that they are passionate and sensual. From here, have slow and passionate sex face-to-face.

gemini October 2021 sex horoscope 


October is not the best month for serious relationships for you, Gemini. Luckily, you will have an overwhelming amount of casual hookups and flirtations. Don’t feel obligated to engage in any of these casual flings. This is also a great time for self-love. Treat yourself to some hot new lingerie or break out a new sex toy. Whatever you decide to do, try not to overthink things too much.

Power Position: The Royal Table

The beauty of this position is the endless possibilities that it provides. Have you and your partner select your favorite sex toys and lube. If you’re feeling extra kinky, include a blindfold. Lie back and have your partner use any and all of the selected toys to their discretion. Not knowing what your partner is going to do next will keep you on your toes, always anticipating the next wave of pleasure.

 cancer October 2021 sex horoscope


Cancer - you will be blessed enough to find a deep and emotional bond this month - one that you have been searching for in your sexual relationships. The connection you find will be deeply romantic and intimate. During October it will be easier for you both to express and receive love. Naturally, this will translate into a passionate and sensual sex life throughout the duration of October, and even possibly the remainder of the year.

Power Position: The Strip Tease

You love staying in control, especially in the bedroom. This is a position that is a great introduction to BDSM. It's really more about the power play rather than the act itself. Start off by blindfolding your partner. Then begin stripping, slowly. Let your partner casually touch your body at your discretion. Feel free to give them a little spank if they get a little too frisky for the pace you’re setting. Make them beg before you touch and kiss them yourself.

leo October 2021 sex horoscope


The past month has been extremely busy for you, Leo. This has been great for you in a lot of different ways, but unfortunately your sex life has been a bit neglected. With your crazy schedule becoming less packed as October begins, it is the perfect time for you to slow down and focus on your sex life. You are ready for action and your natural confidence will help make this a successful endeavor for you.

Power Position: The Standing Pillar

This position is exactly what it sounds like. While you are standing upright close your eyes, embrace the moment, and start masturbating. You can use your favorite vibrator or your hand - it’s really dealer’s choice here. This position is especially good for those days when you need a mid-day release. It’s a simple pose, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

virgo October 2021 sex horoscope


Virgo - with the end of September and the beginning of October, your libido will begin to slow down a bit. This is commonplace during seasonal transitions, so don’t worry yourself too much over its cause. October is not the best month for your sex life, but it is a great chance for you to deepen your bond with your partner or enter into a new romance. It is the perfect time to focus on the aspects of romance that are outside of a physical relationship.

Power Position: Slippery Kitty

Relax with this bathtub sex position. Go ahead and amp up the romance factor and light some candles or play some serene music. Use your hands to explore every inch of your body and your partner’s body. Go with the flow and try not to overthink things - just do what feels right and good to you. You won’t go unsatisfied. 

libra October 2021 sex horoscope


You will find one new connection after another throughout the upcoming month, Libra. These new acquaintances will include platonic, romantic, and most importantly, sexual connections. October is the month for new beginnings for you, your sex life included. Focus on what you like out of these new beginnings in order to strengthen your relationships going forward. 

Power Position: The Breakfast Spoon

You love the intimacy that cuddling provides. Well, this position combines your love of cuddling and your sexual passion. Start off in a traditional spooning position. From here, have your partner enter from behind with a dildo, strap-on, or penis. This position also allows for extremely intimate, skin-to-skin contact.

scorpio October 2021 sex horoscope


Good news, Scorpio: your sex life will be at an all-time peak once October begins. The placement of Venus this month will emphasize your very best qualities. As the planet of love and beauty, Venus will bring these qualities out in you. Get ready, for you will be getting tons of attention and action. All the while, you'll feel extra confident about yourself. And, confidence is intoxicating, magnetic, and near impossible for others to ignore.

Power Position: About Face

Have your partner sit down and lean backwards a bit on their hands, while you simultaneously sit down on your favorite dildo, strap-on, or even your partner’s penis. As you are sitting down on your partner’s lap, add in your favorite vibrator to stimulate your clit and receive maximum bliss. 

sagittarius October 2021 sex horoscope


October will be a blast from the past, Sag. A lot of people from your past, most notably previous sexual partners, will re-enter your life. While this is not necessarily super fun for you, it is a good time for you to make amends for any mistakes made in the past. Despite the inherent stress of making amends with exes, you will finally find some much overdue closure

Power Position: The Arc De Triomphe

This position centers on the impact that oral sex has in the bedroom. The Arc De Triomphe is a slight variation on the more common face-sitting position. Have your partner lay down on the bed, facing towards you. Position yourself as if you’re simply going in to the standard face-sitting pose, but when you are here, balance yourself on all fours, leaning on your hands and arching your back a bit. Adjust your hips as your partner is eating you out to hit that sweet spot. This position will boost your likelihood of having multiple orgasms, and once you’ve had your fill, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to return the favor.

capricorn October 2021 sex horoscope


In order for you to have a truly fulfilling sex life, Capricorn, it is necessary for you to break down your emotional barriers. You naturally distance yourself from your emotions in romantic and sexual relationships. This natural barrier doesn’t usually impair your sex life too much, but the planetary alignments this month are requiring you to step outside of your comfort zone and make that emotional connection.

Power Position: The Freeform 

This position is all about taking things slow. It explores the importance of sensuality and passion in the bedroom. Start off with a long and deep massage for one or both of you. Really work out any lingering tension and explore all parts of your partner’s body. It doesn’t necessarily have to end with a happy ending, but if it does that makes it that much better. It’s important to remember that not every sexual interaction must end in orgasm; there is sexual pleasure outside of orgasm.  

aquarius October 2021 sex horoscope


Aquarius - in October it will become increasingly apparent that for your own welfare you need to define exactly what you are looking for in your romantic and sexual relationships. You cannot meet your own needs if you don’t explicitly state them to your partner. Once you are able to do this, your sex life will greatly improve. A heat you didn’t realize was missing will be met from this.

Power Position: The Erotic End

Have your partner lay down with their legs spread out in a comfortable position. While in this position, have them lean back a bit to support their own weight. Now position yourself with your back facing your partner and hovering over their thighs until you lower yourself down onto their penis or strap-on. Keep your knees bent and feet grounded on the floor. From here simply grind against each other into oblivion.

pisces October 2021 sex horoscope


It is high time that you make your sex life an adventure, Pisces. Your sex life has felt extra heavy lately, so something more light-hearted is much needed. Expand your horizons and do something- or someone- new. Try not to limit yourself too much. Once you open yourself up to all of the possibilities your sex life has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how fun sex can be. 

Power Position: The Kinky Jockey

This position is just as fun as it sounds. Have your partner kneel on all fours. From there, straddle your partner’s hips and begin to pull their hair and rubbing their clit from behind. Feel free to use as much pressure on either the hair pulling or clit stimulation as you see fit. Make your partner come close, but don’t let them completely finish until you’ve given them permission. To increase your own pleasure gyrate your clit against their tailbone. 

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