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Gift Guide for Her

Gift Guide for Her

Jess Bovee Jess Bovee
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For many, gifts are a symbol of appreciation that can punctuate the love shared in a relationship. This year can be a chance to celebrate and give her gifts that bring you both closer while expanding your intimacy. Here's our gift guide for her...


Massage Candle 

Surprise them with a candle that can shed light on your pillow talk and deep tissue massages. This low-burning candle features shea butter and coconut oil along with scent options like almond, mango, and rosé for a warming massage whenever you need it. A multi-faceted gift like this never stops giving as it sets the stage for both of you to get a little handsy.  


Sex Blanket 

Whether you consider her a lover of textiles or clean bedding, a sex blanket might be what she’s been waiting for. Throw this plush, waterproof fabric over the top of your bedding for you two to explore each other while keeping your sheets clean and dry for bedtime. 


Vibrator Kit 

Show her how much you care about her pleasure with a vibrator kit that can accompany her next orgasm. She can enjoy solo play or you can join her as you both explore the 12 different pattern settings. The medical-grade, waterproof silicone pairs perfectly with condoms and water-based lubricants like the one that comes in the kit. 


Silk Blindfold 

Everyone loves a gift that does more than meets the eyes. Help her get better sleep with a luxury, silk sleeping mask that can double for other evening activities. She can use it as a headband for her skincare routine and to heighten her senses as you touch her in all of her favorite places. 


Sex Game 

If she loves games or gets competitive, give her a game to spice up your sex life with a creative spin. Try rolling the dice and discover new positions and locations to intertwine and explore. Check out our blog post on other sex games you both can add into the mix this holiday season.


Kegel Kit 

Strengthening the pelvic floor and doing regular kegel exercises may intensify your orgasms and increase libido. This waterproof kegel kit can help her exercise those vaginal muscles while doubling as vibrators for an extra layer of fun. 

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Chocolate is often referred to as an aphrodisiac, and may be just the treat she craves. Give her a variety of chocolates that can boost her mood as the flavors melt in her mouth. Make it the evening snack before bed that engages her senses with cocoa and more. 


Pheromone Perfume 

Scent plays a role in our desires, and pheromones can influence that. Give her a perfume that heightens her aromas as she embraces her magnetic nature with scents of honey, white musk, and cinnamon. 


Mood Lighting 

Gifts that help you both create the ideal bedroom environment can help set the mood. This colorful lighting helps you create a space that supports everything from focus to deep relaxation. She can set a timer and schedule her lighting experience from dusk to dawn. 


Menstrual Cup 

If you really want to wow her, show your support for her female cycle with a reusable menstrual disc or cup that’s better for the environment, her comfort, and sex life. This design can add ease to her flow and give her the period support that she didn’t know she needed. Plus, it can be a great addition to period sex. 


Personal Lubricant 

Support her toys and add some ease to her sex life with a lube that can help her reach the big O. The diverse selection of stimulating options can give her new sensations that are sure to tingle and tantalize her this season from warming and cooling to water-based or silicone. 


Don’t be afraid to mix and match some of these items from our gift guide for her, and get creative as you find ways to show your love and support her sensual desires.

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