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Good Quarantine Sex: Everything You Need to Know

Good Quarantine Sex: Everything You Need to Know

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We’re all highly aware of the current situation - staying at home. We’re sacrificing a lot - our work, social lives, public appearances, and of course, our sex lives. While we certainly must take the coronavirus seriously and do our part to work toward flattening that curve, we can still be perfectly safe without retracting into sexual isolation. Good quarantine sex is possible!


Lucky for us, we live in the modern era of technology, where connection is at our fingertips. You have the ability to enjoy fun, fantastic sex all while adhering to the stay-at-home orders. Who knows, maybe quarantine might just be the thing to coax you out of your sexual comfort zone and to find something new that you love!


Tap into a distance alternative

The days of meeting someone at a club or bar are no longer! Going out to dinner and then home for fun and pleasure afterward and any direct "hands-on" activity is going to have to be put on pause for now. In the meantime, consider enjoying some new and fun alternatives...


Dating apps

If you don’t have some folks on retainer or someone you want to get virtually sexy with, you may need to find some new and exciting potential partners! The best way to do that from the comfort of your own bed is to get swiping on those dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, FB Dating, whatever! There are tons of them out there, and now’s the perfect time to try them out. Love them or hate them, they’re the perfect gateway for some good quarantine sex.



Once you’ve secured a boo, it’s time to bring some heat. Sexting can be anything from texting sexy thoughts about what you like and prefer in the bedroom to sending each other full-blown videos. Because you can hide behind your phone, sexting may be a safe place to start for someone who isn’t as comfortable or familiar with virtual sex. Sexting allows you to think through what you want to say and compose those luscious, juicy phrases that you might not be able to come up with spontaneously. You also have endless emojis at your disposal. We completely promote all self-expression, but remember your safety! Try not to send photos with your face if you don’t know or 100% trust whoever you’re having fun with. You can also use apps like SnapChat so you’re notified if someone screenshots or saves your images/videos.

 Good Quarantine Sex


Phone Sex

Phone sex is underestimated. There is something really hot about laying in your dark bedroom, closing your eyes, getting busy, and hearing someone on the phone doing the same thing. It’s like closing your eyes during sex! But you have complete control over what’s physically happening to your body. There’s something really sexy about hearing someone heavily breathing on the other end of the line, moaning because of what you’re whispering to them. And you can really work on communicating exactly what you want during sex (just in case you actually meet up and bring your words to life after quarantine).


Video chat sex

This is taking phone sex to the next level. It’s quite similar, except you’re adding another sense - sight! You can see in real time what your partner is doing and how much you’re turning them on. There’s also something sexy about the fact that you can see and hear but you can’t touch them. It really builds up the anticipation. It can also be a turn-on being able to watch yourself! Video chat sex is the perfect opportunity to showcase that new lingerie!


Watch Porn Together

You can have a truly exotic ride watching porn together in separate places while staying connected through your phone. You'll be apart while still being remotely together. While you may not be able to touch that individual's skin; the site of naked humans, groping bodies and the noises and sites of horny folks exploring the joys of sex provides a certain explosive ecstasy. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover things that you eventually want to try together!


And of course, the tried and true masturbation!

There's certainly nothing wrong with seeking some pleasure by yourself! You can use your fingers or your favorite sex toy (ours is The Igniter Vibrator Kit)! You can always choose to kick it up a notch and pleasure yourself in a creative manner that is slightly out of the box. You can watch your favorite sultry movie with sexually tantalizing scenes. You can read some female erotica. You can follow the old cliche and surround yourself with the glow of several burning candles to set a specifically romantic ora and then create a marvelous fantasy of a certain someone that you'd like to explore - if only in your mind's eye. Your options are honestly endless.

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